Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


10. Chapter 9

Warning: Chapter includes some explicit language and scenes. So if you're not comfortable with this please ignore this whole chapter. 

Love Blue 


Melanie P.O.V. 

I'm woken by banging at the front door. I roll over and hope Calum will get the door. But minutes pass and the knocking continues. I groan and get up. I slip on my robe and walk into the guest room to see Calum entangled in the sheets snoring. I was gonna pour a bucket of water on him when I get back . 

I stomp my way to the door. 

"Look it's eight in the morning for fuck's sake"

But when I'm done I realize who's at the door. Justin. 

"Justin what the hell are you doing? What if the paparazzi followed you?"

"They won't. I'm in a Honda and the world knows they wouldn't find me in one," He smiles. 

I look past him and see a 2016 black Honda parked behind mine. 

"We finally have matching cars," I laughed. 

He rolls his eyes and hands me the roses and chocolate. 

"You know you're so cliche," I said smelling the roses. 

'Do you like them?"


"Well then that's all that matters"

I let him in and we walk to my room. But he stops when he gets to the guest room. I had left the door open and you could hear Calum snoring. 

"Who's that?"

"That's Calum one of my friends"

"Are all your friends guys?"

I give a nod and he raises a bushy eyebrow. 

"Come on," I groan and drag him in my room. 

I shut the door and plop down on the bed. 

I'm about to eat a chocolate when he kisses me. His lips are soft and he tastes like ice cream and mints. I tangle my hands in his blonde locks and deepen the kiss. He moves his hands down and underneath my robe. 

"Justin wait I'm still on my period," I said untangling myself from him. 

"No you're not," He pouts. 

"And how would you know?"

"Because you would have a tampon or pad on and I didn't feel anything"

"Fine but we can't wake up Calum. He'd tell all of Australia"

He laughs and hovers over me. He undoes my robe and throws it on the floor. He reaches under the jersey I was wearing and brushes over my area. My breath hitches and I dig my nails in his arms. This makes him smile. 

He lifts up the shirt revealing my bare chest. I cover them but he removes them. 

"You're so beautiful Melanie," He whispered. 

He leans down and kisses the sensitive skin. Gently nibbling on the skin leaving marks and saliva in his tracks. He leaves trails of love bites and kisses down my stomach to my naval. 

I tug on his hair encouraging him to continue. He groans at the action and pulls my underwear off with his teeth and presses his tongue against my center. 

"Fuck,"I mumble tugging at the sheets. 

He continues with the beautiful process for awhile then he adds a finger and I almost lose it then. 


"That's it Mel come on," He encourages pumping his fingers faster. 

I finally climax and spill on the dark blue sheets. 

"God that was amazing," I sigh and pull him into my chest. 

He laughs and kisses my neck. 

"Do you eat a lot pineapples?"

"Yeah they're my favorite fruit why?"

"Keep eating them," He smiles and kisses me. 

I rub my nose against his and smile. 

We were like the couples in movies. I just hope we can stay like this. 


There you are my little pickles. 

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