Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


15. Chapter 14

Hey there sorry I haven't updated in a long time but I'm back. And Texting Bieber is almost at 10K!!


Melanie P.O.V. 

To Justin: Where r u??????😠😡 it's cold as hell out here

From Justin: 👅😏 oh i like it when u swear baby

To Justin: 😒😒😒 there are plenty of guys here to pick me up and take me to a warm house

From Justin: 😐😐 chill out i'll be there in a couple of minutes Mellie

To Justin: u said that thirty minutes ago and i'm might be chubby but this extra layer doesn't make me that warm

From Justin: what r u wearing?

To Justin: sweatpants and a sweatshirt but it's still cold

To Justin: u should've given me tickets to a show in Paris or Rio

From Justin:😒 don't be ungrateful woman

To Justin: just get here before I go home with this guy who looks like u

From Justin: 😒 i'm coming around the block

To Justin: r u texting me while ur driving???????

From Justin: no Paul is driving me

From Justin: I'm not that stupid

To Justin: well....

From Justin:😒

I look up and finally see the familiar Range Rover. I can barely see Justin through the tinted windows. He gets out and I try my best not laugh. He's dressed like he's going skiing or something.

"Geez I know it's cold but not Antarctica cold," I say holding in a laugh.

"Well there's a nice hot six pack underneath this so laugh all you want," He glares and puts my bags in the car.

I smile and wrap my arms his neck and kiss him. He smiles in the kiss and grabs my hips.

"Alright you two in the car," Paul playfully yells.

I laugh and hop in first. In the car Justin keeps trying to finger me.

"Justin that's so inappropriate," I mumble and slap his hand away.

"I can put a jacket over you," He whispers touching my thigh again.

I roll my eyes and look out the window. I was in NYC. I had never been here before and it was as beautiful as the pictures. The lights seemed as bright as the stars in the sky. The buildings seemed to to touch the sky and there were so many people. I wish I could live here just without all the cold and crowds. I'm snapped out of my thoughts when Justin pinches my thigh.


"We're here dreamy"

I look out and see we're staying at the Four Seasons hotel. But with Justin I don't know why I was expecting something small. I grab one of my bags and make my way into the hotel. When I get in a wave of warmness hits me and let out a moan. I had been standing outside the bus station for forty minutes and to finally have some heat almost felt pleasurable.

"Hopefully I can make you moan even louder tonight," Justin smirks wrapping an arm around my waist.

I kiss his cheek and we make our way to the elevator. In there we are met by two more security guards. We exit the elevator and walk into Justin's room.


The room was massive. There was a crystal chandelier hanging form the ceiling. A flat screen TV was hanging on the wall and underneath it was a surround system. The curtains were most likely silk and the pretty gold shade looked amazing in the room light. I plop down on the silk white duvets and lay back. The sheets felt like they'd just come out the dryer. They were soft and just what I needed.

I climb up to the top of the bed and snuggle in one of the pillows. I'm about to pass out when Justin snuggles into my side.

"Come on don't go to sleep Mel. I thought we could hang out a little longer," He pouted.

"Justin it's past 10 and I'm tired okay? Tomorrow after the concert okay?"

He pouts but kisses me. He wraps himself around me so that we're cuddling.

"Good night Mrs. Bieber," He whispered in my ear.

"Good night Mr. Bieber," I whispered back.


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