When We Fall In Love...

When your best friend from high school is your new neighbor what will happen? Will you fall in love or be forgotten?


2. So we meet again..

Ashton's POV:

"we have been driving for hours are we there?" I keep asking and asking but really im so so scared. Will she still love me like she did in high school. Will she hate me cause i left? Well I was soon to find out cause  we are here.. We knock on the door, Well Michael does. Her mom answers." Hello Mrs. Quien." " Long time no see Ashton, how are you sweetheart?" "Good just nervous.."

Becca's POV: 

James is still here and im not even dressed. I choose to wear a crop top and leggings. Why should I dress up when i saw the boys and they are wearing skinny jeans and basic tee's? I asked James to leave. He already knew why. So he left without question.I run down stairs. The first one I see is Luke. My best friend always had a thing for him but i never told her I knew all of them. "Hey there! Look its becca." He almost yelled. "Hello." I said and smiled. "Woah..." Ashton said. "Hello Ashton." I could not help running down the steps and running into his arms. "I missed you." I said. "Me too" 

Luke's POV:

I could not help staring at Becca i always liked her just never got the guts to tell  her before I left. She caught me staring. She just smiled and let go of Ashton. She started hugging everyone. Calum was dating Becca for a about a week and then it became to weird and stopped. But they still are best friends still. Calum was the only one who knew I loved her. Don't get me wrong if she loves Ashton {which i know she does} its perfectly fine as long as she is happy.

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