When We Fall In Love...

When your best friend from high school is your new neighbor what will happen? Will you fall in love or be forgotten?


3. Fades in the night.

*Later that night*

Ashton's POV:

I wanted to to her how i feel but i just was to nervous. The boys could see there was something going on. This morning, Mind you its almost 10:30 at night Luke looked at me and said "just tell her bro." I knew I could tell Becca anything... But just not this she probaly already knows. I just cant see myself breaking my heart if there is a chance she does'nt like me like i like her..So I ask "can me and the boys stay here while we are in Australia? "yea of course she answered." "There is twin beds in the room across and a couch...?" She says. "Me and Calum will take the Beds and Luke will take the couch.Right Luke?" Michael says. "Yea sure i dont care" Luke says.. "Wait, thats only 3 beds.. There is 4 of us.." I said. "All I have left is my bed."

Becca" POV:

I said. I knew i was being bold but of course Ashton said " If thats all thats left.." With a smirky wink. I change into my Pajama's. Ashton was already asleep so i try and get into the bed as quiet as possible.. When I close my eyes i feel his arms wrap around me. I suddenly feel safe. "Becca i have something to tell you." "What Ashton?" "I love you.." He said."I love you too..." He turns me around and we kiss on the lips.. I fall asleep on his chest..

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