The Light Behind Your Eyes

A young high school aged Gerard meets a strange boy Frank
Frerard fic some triggering subjects ond or mature content


1. Accidental Meeting

It all started when Gerard ran into frank. ''o-oh sorry about that,'' Gerard had said. ''Its all cool cutie,'' Frank replied slyly with a wink. '' See you around.''  With that Gerard was left clueless and crushing. Oh well on with the agonizing afternoon.

Frank's p.o.v

Wow what the hell was I doing, damn but he was sexy as all hell. I was yearning to see that boy again. I was called down to dinner by my mom. It felt like i was living in a house of vicious wolves with all of the strictness of my parents. For some reason I could not forget that boy!

Gerard's p.o.v

Hell that boy is perfect, the brown hair , and damn those eyes. I couldn't think straight he was polluting my thoughts and my dreams apperently.


a/n hoi all tis me how long would be a good chapter p.s i will put warnings in the chapter title if it is smut or triggering anna x

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