A collection of heart-felt poems! Enjoy!


4. Some Day

You insulted me so harshly,

I complimented you so much.

You slapped me very hard,

I gave you a warming touch.


You took from me,

I gave to you.

You made me hurt,

That’s all you do.


You’ve caused me pain and sorrow deep,

But I look past it now.

You’ve shown me hatred and retaliation,

But I’ll go on somehow.


I think about my pain,

Mostly caused by you.

Then I think about your pain,

And all that you’ve gone through.


You must’ve had a pretty hard life,

To treat me as you do.

You must’ve been unloved,

And I feel so sorry for you.


Did someone show you hatred,

The way that you showed me?

Was someone unkind?

Or is this just the way you choose to be?


I hope for you the best,

That happiness goes your way.

Maybe we could even be friends,

Somehow, somewhere, some day.

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