A collection of heart-felt poems! Enjoy!


23. Expectations

Hourglasses and barbie dolls.

Expectations of perfection,

Usually call for recollections,

Of childhood memories when times were simple.


When we had our innocence.

Fat and skinny were just words we would hear,

And we had no expectations that are anywhere near,

What we deal with today.


The ideal image of perfection in everyone’s head.

Models on magazines portraying,

An impossible image we shouldn’t be conveying.

Reality somehow gets lost along the way.


Definitions get distorted.

Fat means ugly and skinny means pretty,

Which is a pity,

Because everyone is beautiful.


The next generation is our future.

How can we have a future if we can’t love one another?

Sister to sister and brother to brother.

That means there is no future.


Here’s my message to the world.

Fat and skinny are just words,

Don’t let reality get blurred,

By the things people say.


What really counts isn’t on the outside.

It’s what’s inside,

When you have nothing to hide,

That matters.


There is only one you,

And to that, you must stay true.

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