The girl who lived

What if Harry Potter had a twin sister? A Harry Potter fanfiction


3. Preslees Pov

well it's been a crazy year at hogwarts and I made some friends and her name is Luna and people think that she's weird and they call her loony lovegood but I don't and I don't that she's weird at all and after all she is my best friend and yes I am in gryfindor (sorry for the grammar error) and I hang out with Harry a lot and Harry, hermione, and Ron and I are cracking a case in hogwarts and its doing very well so far and any away Fred and George and yes I'm their best friend to they gave me the maurders map and they it was really cool and you can actually see people's footprints moving and it was awesome and they showed me how to make it disappear and the spell is called mishve manage and it's so and I love it and I keep it with me all the time and it's so cool and I absolutely loved it 

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