The story behind Noël

The mysterious new kid who somehow manages to be the biggest rebel of the school and not get in trouble but what people are really wondering is,are they leading of less then they should be figure out who they are and what they aren't telling everyone in The Story
Behind Noël.



(In Cathreen's perspective)

Chapter 1: THE NEW KID

Hi my name is Cathreen Sophie Novembre <- (it's French for November)

and I'm 14 years young.

I'm in grade seven I had to do grade five over again (it sucked).

Today is the first of October we're a couple months into school it's not fun at all my teacher mme.carsofa makes every single day like a living hell not fun

At least I have Novie and Carla their kinda cool Novie is 11 (still) and Carla is 12

Today feels kinda weird tho Novie and Carla are both sick they ate the "tacos" I'm glad I brought my own lunch cuz they texted me and said they were sick to their stomachs ...

Later that day

During math class someone knocks on the door Frizzy , another one of my annoying classmates opens up the door and says "like who are you". The new girl says I-I-I I'm New(sorry if your name is Frizzy it's only a name that i had made up so if you have that name please don't take offense to that its just a name I had thought of in the moment!)

Little self promo real quick



That's it for chapter 1 if you've made it this far you get a fake online hug

Sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm really tired

And stay tuned for "Noël who"in chapter tow of ..."The Story Behind Noël"

Bey-Bye to the Movellas who have made it this far

Sorry for making such a short chapter Bye Movellas🍉🍑📚

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