Don't mess with Fangirls

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series. (If you don't get out. Now) Well, these two twins were especially obsessed, but sadly, it's fiction, fantasy, the opposite of a documentary. Or is it. While playing with their so called "fake" time turner, they travel back in time, far enough to save everyone. But what happens if they do? Will time crush itself? Will there be a wrinkle in time? Heaven and Hope will just have to try and fix the what seems like the unfixable.


2. Trying to figure it out

"How many times did we spin that time turner?" Hope asked.

"I don't remember. But i do remember this setting. Look around." Heaven said. Hope did, and realized she was at Private Drive.

"No way. Quick ask someone what the date is!" Hope said, and they rushed up to a passing mailman, still clutching onto the box. 

"Excuse me sir, but what date is it?" Heaven asked. 

"Um, it's August 15, 1998." He said. 

"Oh my- okay. Thank you sir!"  Heaven grabbed Hope and the box as they ran down the street. 

"Harry's second year!" They cried at the same time.

"You know what that means, right?" Heaven exclaimed excitedly. 

"Ya, we can save everyone!"

"We have to find Harry!"

"Tell him we know!" 

"Then find Dumbledore-"

"Tell him we know-"

"Find a way to save everyone-" 

"And be Harry Potter Heroes!" The exclaimed, completely reading each other's minds. Heaven nodded, 

"Let's go." She said. And the two girls raced down the street to find number 4 Private Drive.


Knock knock knock. They had found number 4 Private Drive, and now all they had to do was convince Mr. Dudley to let them speak with Harry. That was going to be the difficult part of the mission. 
No one answered. The girls looked at each other. They didn't want to knock on the door again for fear it would look rude. They walked away from the house (with no lights on) and headed down the street. 

"Okay, so they aren't here. What do we do?" Hope asked. 

"um, try the park. Yeah, maybe they're at the pak." Heaven nodded. 

"Alright. Let's try that." Hope agreed, and they set off down the street to find the park. 


When they reached the park, it was pretty crowded. There were sprinklers for this hot day, o many children came to play in it. They scanned the area, and found the Dursley family sitting under a large tree with a small picnic, but no Harry. They kept looking, and saw Harry far off to the side of the park, sitting alone, in a small tree. 

"Poor Harry. All alone."

"Let's go cheer him up!" The two girls skipped over to Harry, who looked pretty lonely, and approached him. 

"Um, excuse us, but are you Harry Potter?" Hope asked bluntley. She never really was good with the whole politeness stuff, her twin got those genes. 


Harry's PoV:

I sat, watching the rest of my family eat a lovely picnic while i only got a rudy sandwich. I looked at all of the families playing in the water together, and it made me feel quite lonely. As I watched, however, I saw two girls, one with long brown hair and one with a short pixie cut, skip over to me. As they got closer I saw they had the same eye color, green, and realized, they looked the same as well. And as they got closer, I realized they were skipping over to meWhy? I wondered. 

The girl with the short hair reached me first, the one with long hair right behind her. 

"Um, excuse us, but are you Harry Potter?" She asked bluntly. 

"I-am." I responded. 

"Cool. I Hope, this is Heaven." She said, pointing to her what i think is her twin. 

"Sorry for my sister's bluntness." Heaven apologized. 

"It's fine, but how did you know who I was?" He asked.

"Okay, my turn to be blunt." Heaven piped up. "We know you are a wizard that goes to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." 

"W-What?" I was completely shocked. I had never seen them before, but there were a lot of people at Hogwarts, so maybe they did go. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I said. 

"Really? Then how come we know you spend a lot of time Hermione and Ron, an that Professor Quirrell actually had He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named on the back of his head." Hope said.

"Lucky- you know what, go ahead I'm listening." I guess they were from Hogwarts. 

"Great, do you know how to contact Dumbledore?" Heaven asked. He nodded. Everything was going according to plan. Soon, everyone would live. 

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