Don't mess with Fangirls

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series. (If you don't get out) Well, these two twins were especially obsessed, but sadly, it's fiction, fantasy, the opposite of a documentary. Or is it. While on their way to a pool party as the last day of school party, they run into a creepy man. Through shots fired and blood drawn, they're transported with the man to some deserted location in the middle of the woods. When they're found by the Order, some explaining is needed. Realizing that they've traveled through time, far enough to save everyone, they realize that they have a lot of planning to do.

Author's note

**Disclaimer- Harry Potter is not mine, only my OCs! Love you JKR!**

1. It's just a fake, right?





"Heaven!" Hope called to her twin.

"Yup?" Heaven replied.

"It's here! The package is here!" Hope cried, excitement entrancing every word. 

"Realy?!" Heaven exclaimed, excited that after all this time (always) of waiting, she and her sister would finally have what they always dreamed of having.

"All seven books, a time turner, robes, fake glasses, though you don't need them, and last but not least, a cookbook for Harry Potter recipes from both the books and the movies." Hope listed. 

"YAYAYAYAYAYAY!" Heaven yelled, jumping up and down. 

"We're twelve, yet when it comes to Harry Potter we act like two year olds chasing an ice cream truck." Hope laughed. 

"Too true, twinie. Too true." Heaven said, shaking her head sarcastically. 

"Well, let's get this stuff up to our room and try everything!" Hope cried.

"Ya, let's go!" The two girls ran up the steps and sprinted into their room, slamming the door behind them. 

"A month, I've waited for this moment. A month, and it was totally worth it." Heaven stated.

"Agreed. Agreed 100%." Hope (obviously) agreed. The first thing they did was throw on the time turner around both their necks.

"Harmione style?" Heaven asked.

"Harmione style." Hope confirmed, and they spun the time turner. Except, instead of doing nothing, as the girls expected, it began to glow, and turn on it's own.

"Uh, this wasn't in the description." Heaven said, worried.

"Grab hold of something!" Hope cried, and simultaneously they grabbed the box of Harry Potter stuff as the time turner glowed it's brightest. There was a small crack and they opened their eyes. 

"Where are we?" Hope asked her twin nervously, noticing they weren't in their room anymore.

"I don't know, but i do know one thing. I don't think that time turner was fake."

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