Don't mess with Fangirls

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series. (If you don't get out. Now) Well, these two twins were especially obsessed, but sadly, it's fiction, fantasy, the opposite of a documentary. Or is it. While playing with their so called "fake" time turner, they travel back in time, far enough to save everyone. But what happens if they do? Will time crush itself? Will there be a wrinkle in time? Heaven and Hope will just have to try and fix the what seems like the unfixable.


4. cant update for a while

okay so currently all my time this weekend will be devoted to my 2 week old kitten i just got. she's a stray, so i have to help her orriententate with the place. I currently do not have a hand because my kitten thinks that it'd be the best idea to excessively lick it multiple times. so ya, hope you're enjoying the story so far!


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