Darkness, Pain, Death?

I know people around the world are in pain right now, and none of us where I live can relate to what those people in other countries are feeling. But we do feel pain, everyone does, either physically, mentally, both. It's a natural part of being human.


5. Where The Children Go


Something's been borthering me lately

This world's nearly at war with it'self,

and ther are still children being born into it.

Think about it for a second. 

Some of us were born into a world close to being peacefull

But with the state Earth is now,

New borns are being brought into a world of darkness


I may not be an adult, 

And I may not know everying about history,

But, even I know that the future of humanity,

Is at risk of being engulfed in darkness and evil

If there's no one fighting for what is right.

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