5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


51. Leaving

It’s a bit of a struggle to get her eyes fully open in the morning, because her eyelashes are sticking together and her head still hurts from how she’d cried herself to sleep the night before. Y/N’s never been one to be so affected by someone else’s actions, by her circumstance involving another person, but that was before she’d fallen in love.


The thing is – nobody ever talks about what comes after the “happy ever after” because they all assume it’s sunshine and rainbows from then on when it’s not.


Luke and Y/N had been in that honeymoon phase for quite awhile, so wrapped up in each other and constantly being awe of the fact that this person was now their person.


Until they weren’t.


And they started arguing. And argued some more. And more after that. It was stupid stuff at first, about things that they’d laugh about that same night when they’ve eventually found their way back into each other’s arms – then it escalated into something else. Accusations of cheating, of purposely staying out till late, of not really wanting to be with each other because maybe it was the chase that made the other want the relationship in the first place.


And now it’s because Y/N had finally gotten tired of Luke being home but not, at the same time, because all he was ever doing was going out with his mates and then spending like five minutes with her before going out with the same bunch of people for hours, again. And it’s not like he’s not allowed to – of course he is. She’s not going to bloody ban him from hanging out with his mates just because they’re mostly girls who completely disregard her existence. But she’s upset. She’s hurt and upset.


So she’d confronted him about it.


And what did Luke do? Well he laughed and told her to stop being so jealous because they’re just friends.


And then he… left. He just. Left. Walked out, saying he was going out (again) and. That was that – Y/N looking at him with glassy eyes and furrowed brows, and Luke completely not giving a fucking shit about it.


Y/N blows out a sigh, rubbing at her eyes and picking up her phone. A part of her’s hoping that Luke had called, or texted, or something – but he hasn’t. Not a single text or missed call and. Y/N doesn’t know what to think, not really.


She goes to open twitter next and – well. She’s pretty sure her heart’s stuck in her throat and she might throw up, because her twitter timeline’s busy, so busy, with pictures and fan tweets because Luke and Calum have left the fucking country.


Luke fucking left the country without even telling her and. Y/N’s so dazed. She doesn’t know if she’s mad or confused, all she knows is everything hurts. And she’s not sure when she did it, but she did, and the next thing she knows is she’s dialling Luke on Skype on a voice call.




“You left the country and you didn’t even – fucking tell me?”


Luke’s silent for a moment, then he’s speaking again, saying “Y/N” like he’s the one who’d basically been tossed aside for friends he barely spoke to and alcohol, like he’s the one who’d been left behind after a fight without even an apology spared.


I. I thought you were mad at me,” is apparently the best he can come up with and Y/N chokes out a laugh.


“I was. I am.” She corrects herself, almost monotonous. “But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have. I would’ve still. Fucking – you left, Luke. You left the country and you’re not going to be back until – fuck knows when. And you didn’t even. Not even a goodbye? Christ, Luke.”


Well what was I supposed to do? You were mad at me and I was leaving in the morning and –”


“Text messages are a thing, Luke! One fucking text, that’s all I was hoping for. You didn’t want to call? Fine. I would’ve been mad but I would’ve gotten over it. But not even a goddamn – not even a fucking text?!” Y/N near yells out and there’s a tear making its way down her cheek – but she’s alone, so she doesn’t bother wiping it away.


I –” he starts to say, but then he cuts himself off. “What the fuck do you want from me, Y/N? What do you want from me? So I left without saying goodbye. So what? What is the big fucking deal?!”


Y/N gapes at her wall – like he’s standing there and saying it right to her face with a blank facial expression, not really giving a shit about anything. ”Do I –” she clears her throat, gulping softly. “Fucking Christ, Luke – do I mean that little to you?” Her voice cracks towards the end of the question and she hates that it does.


Luke makes this sound on the other end of the line – like he’s hurt that she’d say something like that, but. He doesn’t have the right to be hurt. So before he can answer her, say whatever he’s thinking so hard for, she’s whispering out a “never mind” and cutting the call.


Because if Luke obviously doesn’t give a shit anymore, then why the hell should she put herself through more of this torture?

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