Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


27. Sam and Dean

We walked back into the hallway, with nothing on our faces but smiles. 
  "Okay, nope..." Dean said. "You two, aren't doing this..."
  "What do you mean?" I asked. 
  "The giggly soppy stuff," Dean said. "I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!"
  "Whoa, Dean... calm down..." Sam told Dean. "I think it's kind of cute."
  "Nope! Not you too, Sammy! Do you see what they're doing? Dragging us in! I don't like it!" Dean yelled. 
  "Dean," Sam looked at him. "Seriously calm down..."
  "Okay..." Dean took a breath.... "Alright..."

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