A Handful of Poems

"I wish to be the ignorant raindrop, sometimes, to think that it was my fault after all of this. Alas,/ It was all a bitter execution of will that led me to her, killed her, and soaked my world with tears."


3. Have You?

Have you ever laughed your tears

Swallowed them in raw fear

Choked them down like sleepless nights

Begged you weren’t too happy?


Mourned her though she wasn’t dead

Dared not look where bloody feet tread

Have you known you could not turn around?

Been drawn closer away?


So have you?


Have you ever asked me, ‘Why’

And then been mad when I cried

Blamed it on adolescence

Pushed the unknown out of sight


Made it about her not me

Thinking that would make me see

That this thing, tearing me apart

Was just something in my head?


So have you?





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