Justin Bieber Interracial

Justin Bieber Interracial Stories, hope you like them!!!


1. His Teacher (Part 1)

Justin Point of  View

Anticipation was filling me, as everyone waited for Miss. Garcia to walk through the door. Miss. Garcia is known all around school to be one of the most scorching women to ever step foot in TruBerry High. Thick in the waist region, heavy in the chest region, this woman was the full package, if you asked any of the guys. Miss. Garcia was considered to be real women, she admired by many men and women at the school for her kind-hearted and spicy attitude, she would bring delicious Mexican food to class when the whole class got good grades on major tests. Her voice is thick with accent yet sweet with words, has all the boys in the classroom raging with a hard-on for the rest of the day. Her heavy Spanish accent mingles with the English language as she tries to explain conjugation and vocabulary, but when she messes up a word her cheeks blow out making her look so adorable, as her cheeks turn slightly red. Her black hair flows all the way down to that big ass, as she undertakes new hairstyles every day.
“Damn, I can't wait to tell she walks through that door,” Chris says as he dances up and down in his seat.
“Miss. Garcia is so fucking gorgeous ,” Chaz as he howls in his seat.
“Guys she coming,” Jake said as he ran back to his seat. My lungs finally breathing, making me realize that I held my breath for a minute, you can hear the loud clicking of her heels, as the clap on the tile floor. Seeing the door knob as my dick started to twitch knowing she going to having on something fitting and curvy. I can hear Chris next to me taking broad breaths, knowing soon that he was about to pass out. Hearing the loud click of the doorknob, keeping my head down knowing that if I look up I might moan from the intense torture my dick was giving me at the moment.
“Buenos Dias,” she said in her arousing voice.
“Buenos Dias,” everyone said
“Did everyone have a good weekend,” her thick voice, vibrated through my dick.
“Yes,” everyone answered. Still having my head down keeping my thought as innocent as possible, knowing damn well that voluptuous women were only a few steps away from me.
“Justin, sweetie are you okay,” she asked. Her voice rang through my ears as tried to make up an excuse.
“Yeah my head is just killing me,” I said in a hoarse voice knowing damn well my head wasn't killing me.
“You sure it's a headache,” she asked as she may her way to my desk. Feeling water droplets falling down my cheek, taking slow deep breaths.
“Justin looks at me,” she said as I seen her 4-inch black leather heels right in front of my high chair. Picking my head up by her fingers, she made eye contact, getting a good glimpse at her face, she never seems to put a lot of makeup on, maybe a little bit of blush and mascara but in reality, she didn't need it. Her hair falling into her face, as she stared into my brown eyes, as I stared into her gray one. She took a glance at me, and looked at a little bit lower, looking down I had a hump in my pants, letting she know  my dick was ready to play.
“Your fine, I want you to stay after school I need to speak with you,” she said as she walked away watching her hips as moved on each side of that thick pencil skirt.
“Damn,” I whispered to myself, not knowing wtf is going to happen after school.
 * * *

Making my way to the empty hallways, as I came from basketball practice. I know she said to meet her after school, but I knew coach doesn't like to play with his shit. When I  told him about Miss. Garcia, he said he'll send her email that I'll meet her after practice. It about 6:30 knowing, my momma is going to have my ass is when I walk through the door. I aimed straight towards Miss. Garcia classroom, thinking about the possibly why she called me to come after school, maybe she noticed that I didn't do so good on the last project or that weird tendency of me never answer her question in Spanish. Softly knocking on the door, waiting for her to tell me to come in. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to it, I mean what man in his right mind wouldn't want to stay after school with a hot 23-year-old Spanish vixen. Hearing a soft come in, as opened the door. She sat at her desk with her legs crossed and leaning over the desk while grading papers.
“Mr. Bieber I am glad you're here, can you please lock and close the door for me,” she said as she sets her pen on the desk and stands up. Locking the door, as I turn and look at her as she sits on her desk, her white blouse that once had two buttons that were un- done but know Oh God but know all the button are un-done looking at her lace bra, as I can see the fabrication of Victoria Secret. Looking at her as she crossed her legs and leaned forward.
“Know let's talk,” she smirked.

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