The run

Daisy is fighting with her grief and self confidence, she had some though years. She just needed to get away.
She have moved to the other side of the World, there is this boy who make her so mad and so happy at the same time.
She can't see how it ever would evolve, she is damage goods, she would just take him with her when she falls.


20. Chapter 20

My first class after valentine’s day was pottery so I told Sky everything about my valentine’s date with Nate. Sky is a very overentisiatic person so when I told her about our night, did she scream one of her happy, surprised, you have killed my ears screams unfortunately did she do it while our teacher tried to teach us something about paint, so we got kicked out of the rest of today's lesson. After we got kicked out did she tell me about her and Caleb’s date, she likes Caleb. He is fun to be around but she doesn’t think it’s more than a fling.

I decided that since we have the rest of the lesson off and the weather has been heating up the last couple of days. Would it be a good opportunity to find a bench near Nate’s classroom and read my book. Nate told me he wanted to talk with me about something as soon as my classes is over. I have to tell him that I hate surprises.
I’m so captured by my book that I don’t hear when Nate sits down next to me. He leans in for a kiss and I pull my head away until I see who it is.

“What is your surprise?” I’m impatience. I want to know what the surprise is now and not in 10 minutes.


“You have to promise me that you will do it before I tell you”


“Why? My dad have teached me not to sign anything until I have read what stands with small” I look skeptic on him.

“I promise nothing stands with small so you can sign unconditionally” He smile his wry smile to me, I know he is teasing me.


“I’m sure about those conditions. Can I get out of the promise?”


“It depends on how you react”


“Which reaction can get me out of it?”


“I won’t tell you, I’m the judge of it”


“That’s not fair” I look suspicious on him.


“Do you want to find out or what?”


“Okay I sign” I give up, I want to know what it is now.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?”


“You know I don’t have any plans”


“Do you wanna spend it with me?”


“That’s a stupid question”
“You know that I hate spending time with you” He smiles at me, but it is one of those smiles there tells me I will get payback later.


“I have borrowed a car so I was thinking about… if you will take with me to Dayton and meet my family?” I’m speechless, I have no idea how to react. I want to meet his family, I really do. I wanna see where he grew up, meet his sister. See where is have his good looks from, I want to know everything. But then I have to introduce him to my family too, I’m not ready for that. I haven’t even told James about him. I don’t know why I haven’t told anyone about Nate, I know they will be happy on my behalf but I’m still afraid. It doesn’t make sense, I have to tell them all. I skype everyone tomorrow.

“I would love to meet your family” He breath out, I hadn’t realised that he had been studying before I study him and see relief.

“Was you afraid that I would say no?”

“I wasn’t afraid. More nervous. It feels like you are running away every time I take a step further in our relationship” He’s right about that but I won’t tell him.

“I’m not running from anything” He knows I’m lying so he doesn’t say anything to my childish comment.

I get mad so before I say anything stupid do I stand up and begins to walk away. 

“Why are you leaving?” He stand up too and walk after me.


“I need to get away, don’t you have any plans?”


“My plans are with you, can’t you stop so we can talk about why you are mad?”

“Get you some new plans” He grabs my arm to get me to stop. He take me in his arms to give me to relax but I’m too mad now. I just stand there stiff, Nate is fighting with himself. He can’t decide if he should let me go or hold me here. He chose the last.


“Why did you get mad?”


“You know why, let me go”


“I really don’t. Tell me” He doesn’t let me go.


“You treat me like a child”

“No I don’t? I would never treat you like a child”


“Okay you make me feel like a child”

“It’s not my intention. What do I do since you feel like a child?”


“You wrap the things in you say to me. Why not just tell me? You don’t have to be nervous to ask me meeting your parents, of course will I say yes. I love you and I wanne see where you have growing up” My anger is misplaced I know that. I’m mad at myself because I make him feel nervous to ask me about important things. I’m mad because he think I will run from him, I will rather run toward him.

“Okay then. I stop wrapping the things in, I will from now on be straight out with you if you stop being mad at me” He kiss me so all my tensions leave. I have to get some stronger shields, I give up to easy when it’s Nate.

We spend the rest of the day in Central Park with Sky, Caleb, Nathalie and Viktor. I haven’t seen Central Park yet, so they all decided to show me everything at once. Sky and Nathalie ask me a lot of questions about Europe, they wants to travel around in Europe next summer.

“How long does it take to come from Paris to Copenhagen?” Sky is obsessed with Paris.


“With flight or train?”


“Can you travel with train between the countries?! It’s amazing! Then it will be like Harry Potter!”

“It will not be like Harry Potter… But with train will it take a day maybe more, it depends on how many shifts you need to do”


“I’m going to be like Harry Potter” I can’t shake that idea out of her head.

“Is there a big difference in the culture between the counties?” Viktor always ask this kind of questions.

“Some of them. Like Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the North of Germany is very much alike, but if you compare that to the Southern Germany then they are not.”


“Have you seen all the European countries?” It’s Nathalie’s turn now, I like her questions the best. They are easy to answer.


“Not all, but the most of them”

“Why do you play soccer instead of football?” Caleb turn. It takes me a minute to figure out what he means. In Europe does we call soccer for football.


“I have no idea. I don’t really care about football” Caleb look surprised at me.


“I mean I don’t care about soccer, I always mix them together” Caleb look more relaxed now, he is the school's football star so we have seen a lot of his practice and games the last month.


“Soccer is also a stupid sport” I can agree on that, but it’s mostly because I don’t get it. Who wants to run around after a ball just to kick it into a net?
I love when people is asking me questions about Europe I feel like a person from another planet, I feel ecsotic. I love that I know something they don’t, that they come to me for advice. I’m not smart or anything but I do have a lot of knowledge about Europe and how life is there.

Nate doesn’t ask any question he just listen and hold my hand. We didn’t have a big fight but it was our first real fight since we have made it official.

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