Five Nights Of Freedom

Get this, a girl has offered to take over the job as night guard for the new Haunted Pizzeria (My Version) Of Freddy Fasbear.
But what she didn't realise was that it was scarier than she thought.


1. The Forriegner


As I walked up to the door of Fasbears Scare, I couldn't help but notice that a figure was staring through the window at me. Then it disappeared into an oblivion. #freaky.

I put in the key to unlock the door to find that it already was unlocked, "okay that's weird!".

I walked in then the door got stuck, I peeped my head around the door and found an old animatronic head gapped under the door. Officially #freaky.

I slid my leg through and kicked it out of the way, as I closed the door, I felt something grab my arm. I immediately turned and slapped the thin air, "ah..." I was speechless.

I sat down and thought about that thing that grabbed my arm, "at least it wasn't my ass" I heard something crash down the hallway, "shit".

I grabbed my flash light and lit up the hallway, nothing was there, except a used condom.

"Okay #gross" then the noise travelled further down the hall, as I was shaking my legs in terror, my mind told me "don't go down that fucking hall way, you will fucking die you crazy ass son of a fucking bitch".

I disobeyed my mind and walked down the hallway to a split path "is this place a maze or a scare house?" I shown the light along the walls and the floor.

I tripped on an arm "what the fuck? #lame" then the noise was behind me, my eye's widened as I turned slowly to see it, I flashed my light at the empty hall behind me.

My heart was racing, sweat running down my face, the cold air blowing onto my....."hold the phone! there are no windows are there?" I got up and shook off the dust and stepped lightly down the hall.

"hello" a childish voice was echoing through the hallway, shivers ran down my spine, I slowly looked behind me and saw a figure standing at the end of the hall blocking my way back.

The figure stood with the head tilted to the left, 'shit what now?' I thought to myself, the figure took a step my heart racing and I could feel a tear flow down my cheek "Dear Satan" I pleaded as the figure walked up to me.

The figure turned out to be a boy, holding out his hand for me, I reached out to grab it then my hand went right through his and he disappeared into thin air.

"what the...-" before I could finish a breeze flowed right onto me with a strong push, I felt arms pull me back and dragged me across the ground by my feet, I screamed.

I woke up in the camera room again and checked my surroundings there were children screaming and teens laughing, I checked my watch "what?!!!" it was 8:04am.

The manager came in "any troubles last night Miss Tener?" he asked me.

" was....okay" I replied.

"what on earth happened to your head?" he asked, I looked up and wiped blood from the top of my head.

"oh....ah....I went for a walk through last night and I...ah...kinda tripped and I guess I hit my head harder then I thought" I laughed nervously.

"oh okay then, can you please get some medical attention and go home?" he asked me with a nice smile.

"yes...okay" I got up and walked to the change room. After I changed into my regular clothes and grabbed my bag from my work locker I felt that breeze hit the back of my neck.

"hello!" I said out in the thin empty air. No-one was there. "if this is suppose to be a joke it isn't very funny" I form a hashtag sign with my fingers "#lame".

No-one replied, I groaned, slammed my locker shut and stormed out the change room, not noticing that there were footsteps behind me, I found myself being dragged by the same figure as last night, "WHAT THE...WHO THE HELL-" the figure covered my mouth and dragged me into a room, as I was kicking and screaming and squirming all over.

The lights were out and room was hot and I could barely breathe, I was blindfolded and my mouth taped up, my hands tied and my legs chained to the wall.

"hello" I tried to speak, my hands had rope burns and my legs were cut and scratched. "Greetings Human" I heard a voice and I rose my head.

I could see a light through the blindfold then it fell off, what I saw was haunting...

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