fairy tale? or heartbreak? |L.H.

Hi i'm Cinderella Mayson. Yes i know i'm named after a princess in a fairy tale. I'm 17 and i live in Melbourne Australia but i'm moving to Sydney. My mother mother died when I was 10 and my dad remarried. my step mum is named Meredith and she is pure evil. I have 2 step sisters Kimberley and Luna and they a horrid. I'm treated like crap and my dad doesn't even care. Will things change in Sydney? I don't know I hope they do. I cant keep living like this. Will I get a fairy tale ending or will I end up heart broken?......... I guess you could say my life is a Cinderella story.


1. Sydney


Heyyyyyyyy guys I'm back. I'm sick and bored right now so I'm gonna try to write as many chapters as I can. This is my new book I hope ya'll like it<3


Ella's pov:

New school, new town, new house, new everything, same old me.


I hear my wicked step sister Kimberly yell, "Let's go Cinderella I don't want your worthless a** making me late for my first day of school!".


I just roll my eyes and look in the mirror at my outfit. I'm wearing light blue high waisted shorts, a white fitted tee shirt that is tucked into my shorts, some white sandals and light natural make up. I brush my long dark pin straight hair and let it fall over my shoulders. I sigh and grab my bag and walk down stairs and see Kimberly and Luna dressed like sluts. Their mother Meredeth praising them on how wonderful they look. I hold back a scoff and walk to my 1971 red VW bug that my aunt bought me before I left Melbourne. I get in not bothering to give my step sisters a ride. I park my car in a spot and then get out. I see a tall slim figure get off a motorcycle. As the figure takes off the bike helmet I see his blonde quiff stick up. A girl in a cheerleading uniform that was two sizes too small ran up to him and planted a kiss on his lips. I gagged at their PDA and grabbed my bag and walked in looking for the office. I find the office and walk to the desk.


I say to the lady at the desk, "Cinderella Mayson."


She looks up from her computer and says, "here is your locker number and combination and here is your schedule." She handed me the papers and looked back at her computer. I nodded as a thank you and walked out. I was looking at my schedule when I ran into something hard. I took a step back and looked up and saw the boy with the motorcycle.


He said rather rudely,"OI watch where you're going next time would ya!". I nodded my head and ran off to find my class. I finally found my homeroom. I walked in and sat in the far back corner of the classroom. I felt someone standing over me and it was the boy from earlier and his slut. 


He said, "You are sitting in my girlfriend's seat".


I quickly fired back, " I don't see her name written on it so she can go find another one." he looked shocked by my reply and he nodded and sat next to me. The slut just scoffed and walked to another seat.


The blonde boy then stated, "Sassy I like it, I'm Luke Hemmings." I rolled my eyes at his comment and didn't say anything to him.


He then says, "I don't like it when people don't respond when I'm talking to them." I could hear the anger growing in his voice.


I quickly said, "I'm Cinderella Mayson...".


He smirked, "Cinderella?.....that an interesting name."


I sighed and said, "yeP it is."


He then leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Maybe I could be your prince charming beautiful." I pushed him away and ignored him......Did a guy just flirt with me? I shook my head. There is no way he was just flirting maybe he just thought it was funny. Yeah that's it.


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