Dragon Ball Super

A baby saiyan arrives on Earth, and so the Z-Fighters with Beerus and Whis find the child. Goku and his family raise the child, and it is now 15 years. Shou is the name of the saiyan child, and now he is old enough to go on his own adventures. Shou will face many dangers as the Z-Fighters did in the past. Between fighting villains, and near Earth's destruction, how will this new hope make a new future?


1. A Saiyan's Arrival

 "Hey Kakarot! Keep your eyes on your opponent!" Vegeta yells. Goku, other wise known as Kakarot to Vegeta turns his head toward his sparring partner Vegeta. Goku dodges the attack from Vegeta and he swings his leg toward Vegeta's head. Vegeta ducks and he grabs Goku's leg. Goku clenches his fists and powers up. 

 "Not this time Vegeta!" Goku says. He flies upwards with amazing speed. Vegeta holds onto Goku's leg and he starts powering up. 

 "Take this!" Vegeta yells. Vegeta pulls Goku's leg toward the ground. Goku's motion stops and Vegeta knees him in the back. Goku flies to the ground. "Now this is it! Final Flash!" Vegeta yells as he puts both hands in front of him and a yellow ki blast comes out of his palms. The blast goes into the dust clouds and it explodes meaning it hit an object. Vegeta smirks. Soon the dust clears and Goku is standing on the ground in Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta grits his teeth. "You bastard." Vegeta mumbles. Goku smiles and he gets into the famous position for the Kamehameha.

 "Looks like its over." Goku says. His palms glow with a bluish color. "Ka....me...." A blue ball appears. "Ha....me....." The ball gets bigger than before. "HA!!!!" Goku pushes his hands toward Vegeta and the Kamehameha wave goes toward Vegeta. Vegeta powers up and he transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta dodges it and Goku vanishes and he appears behind Vegeta. He double-axe handle smashes Vegeta into the ground. He sends a few ki blasts that wouldn't do any damage to Vegeta's place. Vegeta hits them away and he flies toward Goku. 

 "Kakarot this is your defeat!" Vegeta yells. He sends a ki blast toward Goku. Goku blocks it with both arms. Vegeta appears behind Goku and he does a double-axe handle smash and Goku flies toward the ground. Beerus and Whis are watching them train as usual. 

 "This is very interesting." Whis says. He is drinking out of a fancy cup. Beerus looks bored as always.

 "Well ever since the defeat of Goku Black, they have been training nonstop." Beerus says. Whis smiles happily. 

 "They are so eager to get stronger than each other." Whis says cheerfully. Beerus sighs. 

 "Their training bores me anyways." Beerus says with a boringly tone. Whis is still smiling. A pod-like thing comes crashing down on the battleground. Goku stops from fighting Vegeta and he looks at the smoke. 

 "Hey whats that thing over there!" Goku asks. He points over to the smoke cloud. Vegeta looks over his shoulder and sees the smoke. 

 "Hmf, as if I care." Vegeta says. Goku flies to it and he goes back to his normal hair color and style. Vegeta soon follows him. Goku lands on the ground. He looks at the crater and sees a pod. Goku has a interesting look about his face. Vegeta lands beside Goku. They both see a pod-like thing in the crater. 

 "Hey Vegeta, isn't that the same pod you arrived in?" Goku asks. The pod is circle-like pod, that is white. Goku jumps down to the pod and he looks inside with purple window. He sees a baby with a saiyan tail. He is naked. Goku looks happy. "Hey Vegeta! Its a saiyan!" Goku yells. Vegeta looks shocked. 

 "Wh-what?! A SAIYAN?!" Vegeta asks shockingly. Goku nods. Vegeta jumps down and looks in the window. He sees the baby saiyan. The baby is a boy and he has black hair that is like Gohan when he was a teen. He is asleep. Goku opens the pod. Goku squats down and he rests his arms on his legs. 

 "Hmmm, its a cute thing." Goku says. He carefully grabs the baby and he stands up. Beerus and Whis watch from a distance. 

 "It appears to be a baby." Whis says. 

 "It has a tail. Don't those saiyans have one as well?" Beerus asks. Whis nods. 

 "Yes they do." Whis says. "The child must be a full-blooded saiyan then." Beerus nods. Goku jumps over to Whis and Beerus. 

 "Hey look what I got here!" Goku says. Whis and Beerus nod. 

 "We know what you have Goku." Beerus says. Vegeta jumps toward them. 

 "He must came from a different planet than Planet Vegeta." Vegeta says. "It seems as if our race is also somewhere else." 

 "He could be from Cabba's planet." Goku says. Beerus shakes his head. 

 "There is no way a pod like that could ever travel through universes." Beerus says. "He came from a planet from this universe." Beerus looks at Whis. "Am I right Whis?" Whis nods. 

 "I've heard of another planet with saiyans on it, but I wasn't sure it was actually true. I think it was called Karuno." Whis says. "But recently it was destroyed." Whis looks at the saiyan child. "He must have come from that planet."

 "Well if there were saiyans before, then this must be the last surviving full-blooded saiyan left beside me and Kakarot." Vegeta says. The baby opens its eyes and sees Goku's face. Goku cheerfully looks at the baby. 

 "Hey there little buddy!" Goku says cheerfully. The baby laughs. Goku holds the baby up and it laughs at Goku. Vegeta also looks at the laughing baby. 

 "He seems to like Goku." Whis says chuckling afterwards. Beerus shrugs. The baby swings its arms and legs. Goku gives the baby his famous smile. The baby laughs again. 


 It is now fifteen years later. The baby is named Shou. They had his tail removed when Goku brought him to the others. He is wearing cloths similar to Gohan when he was a teen but the vest and pants are black and the belt is blue. His personality is like Goku's in a very similar way. He doesn't really like any of the girls as a girlfriend, he just trains harder than even Gohan did at his age. He focuses on one goal, to become like Goku. He is doing one-handed pushes ups in the gravity chamber in Capsule Corp. He has sweat dropping from his forehead, and his entire body. 

 "Three-thousand and forty three!" Shou says as he comes back up. He goes back down and his muscles ache. He comes back up. "Three-thousand and forty four!" Shou says. He winces at his muscles aching. Bulma comes in the room and she faceplants as the gravity pulls her down. She forces herself to get up and she turns off the gravity control. 

 "Hey Shou! Goku, and the others are eating now!" Bulma says. Shou smiles happily. 

 "Alright be right there!" Shou says. He gets up and he walks out of the gravity chamber. He joins the others outside of the Capsule Corp. Goku sees Shou. 

 "Hey Shou! How did your training go?" Goku asks. Shou smiles. 

 "Great as always!" Shou says. The others laugh. Shou sits down beside Pan who is now seventeen. Shou gets his plate and he eats it really fast. Goku and Shou are done before anyone else could eat half of their food. Shou burps. "Now that hit the spot!" Shou says. Pan gives Shou a glare. 

 "You should like a normal person Shou!" Pan yells. Shou sweatdrops and he smiles. 

 "Hehehehe well I was hungry." Shou says. Pan sighs. 

 "You're always hungry." Pan says. Shou points at her steak. 

 "Are you going to finish that?" Shou asks. Pan gets angry. 

 "Uh yeah!" Pan says angrily. Shou motions for her to calm down. 

 "Geez, if you don't finish it you can give it to me." Shou says. Pan facepalms. 

 "If I don't eat it i'm going to give it to Goten." Pan says. Shou gasps. 

 "Wha-" Shou says shockingly. "But I asked first!" Shou whines. 

 "Goten needs to eat ya know! He is somewhere with a girl." Pan says. "When he comes back I'll give him my leftovers." Shou puts his thumb to his lip. 

 "Hmm Goten. Where is he at with this girl?" Shou asks. 

 "He is at the park, he told Chi-Chi that he will come back soon, but he hasn't returned." Pan says. She looks to her side where Shou was sitting. Shou is flying toward the park. "Well talk about fast." Shou is flying toward the park. 

 "Goten hasn't returned in some time. Maybe something happened." Shou says. He hears an explosion in a nearby building. Shou looks over at the building and he sees Goten fighting some kind of super human. The human has a armor on and seems to be having really strong attacks. Shou flies faster to Goten. 

 "You may look strong, but trust me, I've fought way more stronger opponents than you." Goten says. Goten has his hair shifted to the side and a white headband. He is wearing cloths similar to Goku's old cloths. The undershirt is blue with a black vest. He has a blue belt wrapped around his waist. His pants are baggy and black. The super human has brown hair that looks shaved, and the armor is solid white. Goten dashes toward him, and the super human dodges the attack. Goten dodges the super human's attack also. 

 "You're interfering in my business!" The super human says. Goten smirks. 

 "Harming innocent people is a crime, and you should be punished!" Goten says. He goes to punch the super human, but he dodges it and grabs Goten's wrist. He squeezes his wrist, and Goten yells in pain. Shou gets in close range and he kicks the super human across the side of his head. The super human lets go and he falls down unconscious. Goten holds his wrist.

 "Thanks Shou. I owe ya one." Goten says. He winces in pain. Shou salutes Goten.

 "You're welcome!" Shou says. They go toward a park. Goten wraps his wrist in tape. "So how did the date thing go?" Shou asks Goten. Goten sighs. 

 "She dumped me after I turned Super Saiyan to fight this guy. She thought I was some kind of alien." Goten says. He smiles. "But at least I got some food while we were out!" Shou laughs.

 "You're like your father too!" Shou says laughing with Goten. They go back to Capsule Corp. The others greet them, and Bulma helps out with Goten's injured wrist. Shou slips into the Capsule Corp. and he walks down to the Gravity Chamber. Vegeta is leaning on the wall. He looks at him.

 "You're going to train aren't you?" Vegeta asks. Shou nods. 

 "Yes I am." Shou says. 

 "Very well then." Vegeta says. He walks down the hall. Shou stops and watches as Vegeta leaves. 

 "Hey Vegeta!" Shou yells. Vegeta stops and turns around.

 "What is it?" Vegeta asks.

 "Maybe we should spar sometime." Shou says winking at him. Vegeta smiles. 

"I'll make that promise to you." Vegeta says. Shou salutes Vegeta as he leaves.


 Meanwhile in space there is a ship going near earth. 

 "Lord Ice, is this the planet you want to destroy?" A servant says. Ice smirks. 

 "This is that planet that that saiyan called Goku lives. He killed my father Frieza, and my uncle Cooler." Ice says. He is short, with a look similar to Frieza's first form. His shoulder pads are longer. On his arms are purple long spikes, and also on his waist is the same thing. He stands up from his throne and he walks to the window and he looks at the planet Earth. "Its a disgusting planet too. I heard two full-blooded saiyans live on this planet, and they will die." Ice says. He smirks and he walks away from the window. "Your death will come soon Goku, and Vegeta."

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