Land of Aeros

Scott Mavis, a young boy framed for kidnapping the princess of Kokoro Village, must now venture out into the world to find the real culprit. Along the way, he learns that he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero that must save the world once again.
Story by Otoyume
All rights belong to Otoyume and Otaku Dream Studios. Do not reuse without given permission. Thank you


1. Enter Scott Mavis

  Scott gazed beyond the metal bars into an empty hallway.  There were no prisoners within the vacant cells, not even a guard roaming the dark dungeons.  Sighing, Scott lowered himself onto the damp floor, back pressed against the cold stone walls. There was nothing in his cell -- no window, no bed, not even a rat lurking in the darkness.  The only light was that of the burning torches that ran along the corridor.         He didn't know why he was arrested, nor did the royal guards tell him.  All he knew was that, one minute, it was like any other morning.  He was eating breakfast with his mother and sister when the guards came, claiming that he committed a crime and must be taken to the dungeon until the king makes his decision.       Suddenly, a guard, covered from head to toe in silver armor, opened the cell, allowing for two more to enter.  The two guards took position on either side of Scott and gripped his arms, pulling him roughly to his feet.       "His highness would like to see you." said the first guard in a husky voice.  The guards led the boy through a deserted hall, up a spiral staircase, into the castle courtyard.  The courtyard was filled with magnificent flowers and had only two buildings -- the guest house, which is often used for the workers; and the main house, where the royal family stayed.  The walls surrounding the castle stood 20 feet tall with no gate and guards watching over the battlements.  The only way in was through the secret passage known only to those who serve the royal family. Unfortunately, the guards shielded Scott's eyes until they reached his cell, so he doesn't know where it is.       Finally, they arrived to the throne room, where King Johnathan von Voltaire awaited his prisoner.  The guards holding Scott threw him to the floor while the third one took position behind the young boy.  Scott looked up at the king and noticed the two empty seats beside him -- one for his late wife and the other for his daughter.       Where's Princess Alexis?  Scott wondered.  He knew all too well that she never left his side since the death of her mother -- everyone in the village knew that.       "Do you understand why i have called you here, Scott Mavis of Kokoro Village?"  The king's booming voice echoed in the empty room, making him sound more fearsome.       Keeping his voice steady, Scott answered the king."No, your majesty.  The royal guards haven't told me."       King Johnathan was a muscular gentleman, his dark hair streaked with the white of age.  He looked at Scott, blue eyes full of indifference, and spoke."You have commited the crime of kidnapping my daughter."       What?  That couldn't be.  Scott lowered his gaze and stared at the marble floors.  The princess was kidnapped?  How?  This palace is secure.  Only way in is either over the wall -- which was impossible for anyone -- or under, but  no one outside the palace knows it, so how?       "Scott Mavis." the king's voice broke the boy out of his daze and Scott gazed up at his majesty.  "Tell me where you have hidden Alexis and I may spare your life.  It is your decision and your life, so choose wisely."        "Your Majesty" Scott was careful to hide his anger and anexiety as he spoke.  "I didn't kidnap the princess.  How can I?  No one ever made it past the walls."       "You cannot fool me with your lies.  The palace guards saw you with their own eyes before you used your magik to put them to rest."       "I'm telling you -- it wasn't me!  I don't know any magik and I would never do such a thing!"  The guard behind Scott yanked the boy's hair for raising his voice.       The king's eyes gleamed with rage and disbelief.  "Take him away!"       At his majesty's command, the guards seized Scott by the arms and led him toward the grand doors.  It wasn't me.  Scott thought as they moved closer to the exit.  It wasn't me.       Scott quickly turned to the king, releasing him from the metal-clad men, and yelled "Wait!"       The first guard was about to hit the boy until King Johnathan raised his hand, stopping the man.  "What do you want?  If it is more lies then leave now before I change your execution date."       Cautiously, Scott spoke.  "Let me prove my innocence.  I can go look for the princess and bring in the real culprit.  Just give me a chance."       The young boy looked pleadingly at the king and then his majesty sighed.  "Very well.  I shall give you until the Night of Milos, whe the moon is full and the Seven Stars of Milos are aligned.  If you do not have my daughter nor the criminal, then it will be your life that is taken.  Understood?"       The Night of Milos?  That's only 10 days away!  Scott thought.  How can I pull that off by myself?       "Is that understood, Scott Mavis?"  King Johnathan was growing impatient, which was nothing new.       Now full of determination, Scott looked up into the king's blue eyes.  "Yes, your majesty.  I promise, I won't fail you."       The king smiled at the child and his eyes shifted to the guards.  "Take him out of the palace." He said in a kind yet still booming voice. "His journey begins now."

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