Lord of the Games

What would you do if you were sucked into an online game with no hope of return?


2. The Dilemma



            After walking around Bree for what seemed like hours, the little hobbit watched the other people gather in groups whispering together about what they thought was going on. She had heard a vast number of speculations but the majority of them, they thought they were dreaming. It was possible this was all just a simple dream but it felt very much lifelike and real to her. She was Rhelan, a hobbit of the shire and was a very strong hunter. With her carved black ash bow she had made herself, potent fire-oils, and dwarf-made armor, she was a force to be reckoned with. In her wanderings of Bree she felt it was important that everyone work together and find a way to get out of the mess this seemed to be. Stopping at various groups, she asked them to start letting everyone know there would be a meeting in the large square in front of the Three Farrows crafting hall. It seemed like the most logical place for so many people to meet and discuss their ideas and options. When the five people she had saved saw her approach, they quickly rushed to her side, thanking her for her quick wit and agile reflexes.

            “We need to make sure everyone attends the meeting in the square,” she said. When they nodded in agreement, it didn’t occur to her that she had influenced this particular group with her valiant rescue. Once she thought she had covered the entire village, from back alleys to Tallia’s Market, she headed out the back entrance and into the square to see if anyone came.

            To her great surprise, the square was packed with others like herself. Others, elves, men, hobbits, and dwarves, all lingered around the fountain and watched as she exited the market. Whispers began to spread of her heroics of the five lives she had saved. Knowing she was just a small hobbit, she walked across the square to the porch next to the crafting hall. It was a raised location in the square and allowed for her voice to carry over the crowd of people.

            Once there, questions from some started pouring forth. Who was she? Was she there to help them? Did she know how she got there? Was she sure she wasn’t dreaming all of this? It was too much to take.

            “I’m sorry but I don’t know all the answers you seek. When I woke up this morning, I made my coffee as usual, loaded my game and sat down to play. There was a sudden bright and blinding light and the next thing I knew I was on the back of my pony in the exact spot I last saw while playing this morning. No, I don’t know what’s happened to us, but it isn’t a dream.” She paused to take a breath before continuing.

            There was one voice, quiet from the back part of the crowd that called out an expected question. It was the one she really didn’t want to answer.

            “Is it true you did all those things when you saved those others’ lives?” People began whispering and wondered what they meant. Like wildfire, the story of her actions were beginning to spread and everyone then knew.

            “Yes, I did those things. I remember from playing the game, a hunter has penetrating shot, quick draw, and barbed arrow. It felt second nature to me to perform these actions and I just did what needed to be done. When I started the game today, I was only level 51, which I am sure, from looking at some of you, there are many in here that started today a higher level than that. You all should be capable of doing the same things your character in the game can. If we stick together and work as a team I have no doubts that we will get out of this safely and quickly.” Many began to nod in agreement but there were some that crossed their arms in doubt and skepticism. There wasn’t going to be an easy way out of this, she was sure of that. But they needed to find a way and soon, or people would start turning on one another. How were they going to contact the other people in Middle Earth that weren’t there in Bree? She was sure there would be other players in places like Ered Luin, Thorin’s Hall, or worse, Moria! They needed to reach them and try to lend any help they could!

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