Lord of the Games

What would you do if you were sucked into an online game with no hope of return?


1. The Rush



            The rider sat astride her horse heading south across the vast green plains of the Northern Bree Fields. She pulled back on the reigns and realized everything she saw around her was no longer her imagination but a reality. Looking from her left to the east she panned around toward the west and saw five other individuals in armor similar to her own. She felt the rough fibers of the leather reins in her hand and began to pat herself across the chest and legs, noticing the very much real feel of the metal and leather there. Pulling the reins to the right she headed her horse towards the five people standing in a group. As she got nearer, off in the not too far distance from them, a group of four evil looking creatures began to head their way. Kicking the mount in the sides with her heels, she goaded the horse into a much faster pace. Closing the distance between herself and the people she quickly dismounted in mid gallop and pulled her bow off her shoulders, notched an arrow and let loose a volley that took out the first of the four creatures. Notching a second arrow, she gave the fletching a quick blow of her breath and watched the arrow head alight with an unnatural flame. Letting loose of the bow string, her arrow flew straight and true to its target and a second creature fell. The third and fourth creature slowed their pace as they realized they were under attack. They pulled from their shoulders bows of a primitive yet powerful construction and began to let fly in every direction. She parried their attacks and let fly an aerial assault of arrows. Shooting into the air above her head, precisely, the arrows landed and felled the remaining creatures. The group of five people stared at her in wonder and confusion.

            “We must make for the village of Bree,” she stated. When they continued to look at her strangely, she walked up to the nearest one, grabbed him by his belt and roughly shook him.

            “Listen to me! You all need to call your mounts and follow me to Bree! It’s the only safe haven in the area!” The man she shook finally nodded and whistled. A horse from a nearby grove of trees cantered toward him. It stopped as it came along his side. He took the reins and mounted the horse. The other four repeated his actions and four other horses came from the same cluster of trees, each stopping beside its master. The six people, one female hobbit, two male elves, a dwarf, and a female human, began the journey south towards Bree. They traveled passed Thornley’s worksite and found the northern entrance into the village. Once there, the female hobbit dismounted and led her horse to the stables. She saw numerous people of various races and genders milling about looking at each other with fear and confusion. Whatever was happening to all of them it was probably happening on a global scale. She knew this was not right in so many ways but what was she going to do about it? There was only one option at this point. She would have to rally everyone in Bree together in one location and they as a whole were going to have to work together to find a solution. All of their lives may just be hanging in the balance.


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