Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


6. Chapter 6 The Feelings

Author: I will be changing the formats a bit. I humbly apologize if I upset you with this change. You can follow me on eshq8 on Instagram.

Renesmee pov:

I think I'm in... in in love with jake. Oh my god and all this time I have spent hating him. No what have I done. I have lost him forever...

Renesmee: I lost him...

Elijah: I think it's time to move on.

Renesmee: What do you want, aren't you and Aro happy!

Elijah: STOP IT!!!!

I fell and ran away from Elijah as far as possible. That's when I ran into Jacob in the woods. He wasn't alone he was with his pack.

Paul: Well if it isn't the famous nessie.

Renesmee: I will bite your head off.

Jacob: What do you want now for god sake?

Renesmee: I'm in love with you jake.

Jacob: it's too late.

With that he left with his pack. I chased after him but he disappeared in thin air.

Elijah pov: Why did I snap at her? What are these feelings, they are like bursting into fireworks. I need Nessie.

Renesmee: I'm home.

My lips crashed on her immediately. She doesn't pull back. She leans in for more. Something is wrong.

Renesmee: Jakkkkke.....

Elijah: Renesmee are you? Drunk?

Renesmee: Whyy don't youuuu want meee anymoree...?

Elijah: Let me take you to bed. Hopefully you will remember everything tomorrow.

Renesmee: jakkkke.....

Renesmee's pov: This is what heartbroken must feel like. No wonder jake was always mad at me and now he doesn't want me.

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