Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


5. Chapter 5 Love?

Elijah's pov: What is this feeling? What charm this girl has over me? I just met her! What's wrong with me? I need her! NO! I need to control myself. Oh no here she comes!

Renesmee: Morning Elijah.

Elijah's pov: One kiss could not possibly hurt.

Elijah: Nessie look at me.

My lips crashes on hers!

Renesmee: What the hell?

Jacob: What is going on here?

Renesmee: I swear I didn't meant to do that jake.

Elijah: But I did.

Jacob: You're dead now!

Renesmee: I want a divorce from you.

Jacob: What?

Renesmee: I can't do this anymore!

Jacob: Fine you want a divorce, you will get divorced.

Renesmee's pov: With that he left. I can't believe I asked something huge from him. Jake came back with the supernatural divorce papers. We both signed on it, we both are free but I feel like a there is a huge hole in my heart now. Elijah was happy, for a weird reason. What was that kiss about?

Jacob pov: I ran into the woods and found myself crying an howling

Jacob: What have I done?!

I started smashing down trees.

Elijah's pov: A huge part of me is happy but the other side of me is sad to see Nessie sad. I can have her to myself now. What is happening to me?

Jacob's pov: What is happening to me?

Renesmee's pov: What is happening to me?


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