Twilight: A new chapter

Renesmee is forced to marry Jacob and the volturi wants to meet renesmee. Will there be a war.


3. Chapter 3 The Plan

Renesmee's pov: we were leaving to meet the Volturi where it will be decided. One secret my family and the Volturi didn't know was that I had 3 gifts. I had the gift to place thoughts, mind reading and a shield. I inherited from my parents. I knew the volturi will want me because of these gifts I have. I went home and told everyone at home about it.

Carslie: Fascinating, but why didn't you tell us before?

Renesmee: I didn't want to bother you guys.

Jacob: You know this could cost your life!

Bella: Calm down, how do we get out of this situation.

Edward: Aro will read everyone one of our thoughts.

Alice: Renesmee and Bella can shield our minds.

Emmett: Maybe but renesmee might have to practice those gifts.

Rosalie: Maybe she already knows how to use them.

Bella: Do you?

Renesmee: Yes I have practicing since I was maybe five.

Jacob: Great I will gather the pack.

Carslie: If we go with wolves they will think that we are going to attack them or either they will doubt that we are hiding something from them.

Edward: So you want us to go unarmed?

Carslie: No

Jasper: So what do you mean by that?

Edward: Carslie thinks if the wolves will hide in the woods and when the volturi are going to attack us....

Jacob: The wolves come out and attack too.

Carslie: Right!

Rosalie: But this isn't going to help us hide the secret from Aro.

Jasper: When are the Volturi coming?

Alice: When the ice sticks to the ground.

Emmett: Again?

Edward: History is repeating itself.

Bella: I hope it stops one day.

Jacob: Eternity is a long time it will never stop.

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