It will never be the same ( luke hemmings)


1. Chapter 1

Cameila pov

Hi my name is cameila I'm 17 year old and I live in Sydney Australia with my mom and two older sisters May and Lilly May is 19 and Lilly 18 there not that much older then me but they always treat me like am 11 but I just ignore them my dad die when I was about 2 and it was just me my mom and my sisters well let's get on with the story.

I woke up to an alarm clock went off and I look up and it was morning Monday morning yeah I got up and I went in the shower and got dress in a green day t-shirt with black skinny jeans and flannel and I went down stairs and my mom and my sisters left and I her my phone ding from my friend kayla



Kayla-what are you doing


Kayla-um there is new kids going to the school


Kayla-i dont know

Me-oh we'll I have to go ttyl

Kayla- k ttyl

We'll I have to get to school so I got In my car and drive off I put on 5seconds of summer I love the band I finally got to school and you could belive what I saw.

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