It's Funny How That Works

Dan Grey and Alix England meet in a coffee shop called Lantana Cafe in London, United Kingdom. They become friends and slowly fall in love. They are together for a while and start having some problems. Then they get some unfortunate news one day that could change everything.


1. I'd love to stay over

                  Alex looks over at his clock, 5:30 is what he reads. "Another sleepless night." Alex says as he wipes his eyes. He hasn't slept much since moving into his own flat. Usually Alex stays up watching movies or reading. The boy drags himself out of his bed and into the bathroom. He stops in front of the mirror. "Ugh." His hair was a mess, he turned the shower on and got in. After showering he gets out, and walks back to his room. He goes to his dresser and picks out his lightly colored galaxy jumper sweater, black skinny jeans, and cat socks. He strides to his closet and gets his pastel galaxy Van's to match his jumper. Most of the time Alex would straighten his hair because his fringe is naturally curly. But he decided it looked fine today. In the kitchen now, he slides his phone and wallet into his back pocket. I don't feel like walking. ugh, he thought. So the boy grabbed his baby blue penny board and walked out the door.

                   Every morning Alex went to Lantana's Cafe and ordered a mocha latte. Arriving at the front door of the shop, he set his penny board against the wall. When he opened the door, a little bell rang letting the workers know someone was there. Lantana's usually doesn't have many people, but there were a good 10 people here today. "May I take your order, mate" asked the cashier. "May I please get a mocha latte ?" asked Alex. "Is that all I can get you?". "Yes sir". His total was Five pounds. He paid and turned around to go sit down, but accidentally bumped into someone. He looked and saw  a boy who looked around his age, maybe 21. He had Black hair and green eyes. Then Alex noticed he had spilled his coffee on the boy. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry." exclaimed Alex. "It's fine" said the boy. "No it isn't, I should've been paying attention". "Trust me mate, I promise it's okay". Why is he being so cool, I spilled coffee all over him, Alex thought. "Here let me at least buy you a coffee to make up for it". "Sure, why not", he said as he took off his coffee covered jacket.

                  They walked over to a table with two chairs, and sat down. "I'm Alex by the way." "Dan".  Dan and Alex talked for about an hour. They had a lot in common, Alex liked Dan. "I better get going now" said Dan. "alright, It was nice meeting you Dan." Dan grabbed his jacket. "Maybe we can talk again sometime Alex." Dan said writing his number down on a napkin. "Sure" Alex told him while grabbing Dan's number. "See you around, Mate". 

                 After that Alex went outside and grabbed his penny board. He started down the pavement, wind blowing his curly fringe all over. He was thinking, thinking about Dan. He was so nice, and Alex wanted to become his friend. He probably thinks I'm and idiot for spilling coffee on him", thought Alex. He never really had much friends. He used to, but after coming out to them they told him they don't want to hang out with him anymore. Him being homosexual didn't come up in their conversation. It would've been easier on Alex if it had, then he would know if Dan accepted him. 

                  Opening his front door he is hit with a brush of cold air. His apartment was freezing because his air conditioner was broken. I need to get someone to fix that tomorrow, Thought Alex. He put his penny board in the closet, and walked to his room. Looking at his clock, he realizes it's only 9:00 in the morning. He was thinking about Dan again, the tall boy with dark hair from Lantana's, Suddenly remembering he pulled the napkin with Dan's number out, and made a contact for him on his phone. 


Alex: Hey Dan, It's the boy who ruined your jacket


Dan: Oh, hey Alex


Alex: Wyd?


Dan: nothing rlly


Alex: Same


Dan: Want to come over and hang out?


Alex: sure


Dan: Okay, I live in Oakland Flats. Room 123


Alex: Omg!!! No Way!


Dan: What?


Alex: I live in Oakland flats too! in room 126


Dan: Omg!


Alex: I literally live 3 doors away from you


Dan: What are you waiting for come over!


Alex: OMW


                 Alex walked to Dan's flat and knocked on the door. Dan opened the door and smiled at Alex. "Hi, Come in".

"You have a very nice apartment". Alex said. "Thank you", Dan said proudly. A girl walked around the corner with blonde braided hair and blue eyes."Oh Alex, this is Layla."Dan told him. "Oh, hello Layla". said Alex. "Hi", Layla said in an American accent. "Dan, I'm going out with some friends and staying over with them". "Okay bye Layla". She walks out the door. 

               'Your girlfriend is lovely."  Alex told Dan.  "Oh, she isn't my girlfriend. Just my flatmate." Dan said back. "Well now I feel like an idiot" Alex said in an embarrassed voice. "Don't, I would've thought the same thing", Dan said in a kind voice. "So, what do you want to do?" Dan asked Alex. "It's your flat, you decide." "Hmm, want to go grab some lunch?" asked Dan said in an optimistic voice. "Sure, why not" Alex responded. Dan spoke again, "Where at?". Hmmm, Do I say a fancy place? No. This isn't a date. Is it? No. Dan is straight. Maybe I can say-, Alex's thoughts were interrupted by Dan. "Why don't we just order pizza?" asked Dan. "Sure" answered Alex. Alex watched Dan pick up his phone and dial the number for Dominoe's Pizza. 'It should arrive shortly." Dan informed him. 

                Dan and Alex hung out for hours. "Hey, want to stay over? Layla is staying with some friends, and you won't have to go all the way home". Dan asked. "I literally live three doors down". Alex laughed. Alex realized Dan looked a little upset. "I would love to stay over Dan." 





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