Camp 5SOS

Welcome to camp 5SOS, a camp for good girls, that are bad girls, that haven't been caught.

Meet Shelby she signed up for a chance to go to Camp 5SOS, Camp 5SOS is a summer camp held in OZ where girls from all over the world come to. The camp's held by yours sincerely 5SOS. What happens when something unexpected comes Shelby's way, will she be able to pull through and keep it a secret?


5. Camp 5SOS - Chapter 5

"Which ride do you want to go on first?"

"I mean I don't know we're basically the first ones here"

"How about we go on the ghost train?"

"I mean I guess, just be aware that I hate anything that jumps out at me!"

"Don't worry I'll be there to protect you" Luke said acting like a superhero, we had literally just arrived at Luna Park and the ticket holder recognised Luke and full on fangirled, I mean if I was in her shoes I probably would have done the same thing. You have to admit Luke was pretty damn attractive.

"Alright I'm counting on you, if you don't succeed to have to give me a piggy back for the rest of the day"

"Whatever, I'm not counting on not succeeding" Luke grabbed hold of my hand as we approached the ride, most likely sensing that I was indeed freaking out. "It'll be alright nothing can hurt while you're with me" he whispered into my ear as we sat down in the miniature train cart.


"So how did I go?" Luke pranced out of the ride still not letting go of my hand.

"Hmmmm, I don't know, you did do a pretty good job but I don't know if you passed" I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. Either Luke was playing along or he didn't pick up on my sarcasm.

"Are you serious, I thought I did an amazing job"

"I'm just messing with you" I said barely reaching up and attempting to mess up his hair.

"What are you doing?" Luke said grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to him. My face drained of it's coloured and soon returned in a bright shade a red. Luke and I were still close enough to each other that we could feel each other's breath, he began to lean in and so did I until I realised what was happening. I turned my head away to avoid the kiss making Luke kiss my cheek instead.

"I'm sorry but I can't"


"Firstly we were caught up in the moment and secondly I'm going to your camp, I can't be going around and kissing the band members, I'm not even supposed to know until I arrived, this was just some freaky accident. I'm sorry but we should go, I don't feel comfortable" Luke immediately had sadness written all over his face, I did feel bad that I was doing this but it just didn't feel right.

"Ok, I respect your decision"

"Thank you" we had barely even been at the theme park for 40 minutes and we were already leaving. When Luke dropped me off he said goodbye with a hug and drove off after I had closed my front door behind me. I don't think I'll be seeing or maybe even hearing from Luke until camp.


(Day of the Camp)

Seven days later and like I thought I hadn't heard or seen from Luke since our day at Luna Park, it ended awkwardly and probably will start off awkwardly again. I had just finished putting all of my last minute necessities in my suitcase and placed it by the door waiting for my driver to pick me up and drive me to the camp.

I heard a knock on my door expecting it to be the driver but was surprised when I opened the door to Ashton.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm your driver"


"Well not really but I did tag along in the back seat to speak to you about the last week"

"Alright we'll speak more when I get into the car" Ashton reached down and picked up my bags bringing them to the boot. We hopped into the car and immediately Ashton began to ask me a question.

"Do you know why Luke isn't his usual perky self?"



"Whatever I tell you in this car stays between us, ok?"


"He went to kiss me at Luna Park but I turned away, I told him that we were caught up in the moment and that I was going to your camp and that I couldn't just go around kissing you guys. I then told him that I didn't feel comfortable and that I wanted him to drive me home straight away. I haven't heard from him since Luna Park"

"I do agree with you on some points, like you can't just go around kissing us and that you were caught up in the moment, but I do think you could have stayed with him for at least an hour longer, you really have hurt him"

"I know that and I am going to apologise, but I felt as if I shouldn't have even met you guys, it's one hundred percent unfair that I have a head start knowing you guy"

"You can't predict what happens in life Shelby, you can't plan out your feelings for Luke"

"Who said I had feelings for Luke?" Ashton gave me a stern look making me cave in with guilt. "Fine, I admit I do have maybe a small amount of feelings for him, he is good looking, he does, I guess have only the sweetest personality on earth, you guys trailing shortly behind" I was almost in full on breakdown mode. "Ashton what have I done?"

"You've done nothing wrong, in the moment you were protecting yourself and that's normal you can do nothing about it"


"We're here"

"What already"

"We've been talking for a while"

"I guess so"

"I'll walk with you to the reception, then I have to go but I'll see you later, settle in and please at least try to find and talk to Luke before we see you again, I don't want you feeling guilty for the whole camp"

"Thank Ash you're the best"

"I know, I'll see you later" I nodded and gave him a hug the receptionist giving me a confused look.


"Hi I'm Shelby"

"Oh yes, the boys mentioned you, you're in Cabin A, the first one after the bathrooms. Explore before dinner, which will be served in 2 and a bit hours"

"Thank you?"


"Thank you Christy, it was nice meeting you"

"Right back at you" she gave me a smile before I headed off to find my cabin.


"Cabin A" I was speaking to myself once again before walking inside to find only four girls out of the ten in the cabin that would eventually end up in the cabin.

"Hi I'm Becky but you can call me B"

"Hi I'm Harmony but for short I usually am called Harms"

"It's nice to meet you I'm Shelby"

"I think us three are going to be the bestest of friends" 

"Harms aren't you just a bit energetic there, what have you eaten?" Becky asked.

"Nothing here, it probably was the chocolate brownie I had on the way to calm my nerves down"

"That explains it"

"Do you guys want to go for a walk to find the cafeteria?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm starving I don't know about Harmony but we'll find out when we get there"


"So S I think everyone wants to know this and I'm just going to put it out there, who's your favourite in the band?" Harmony asks.

"I don't really have a favourite I think they equally all have talents and good looks that I like" if only they new my feelings for Luke. "What about you guys?"

"I like Ashton, he's a little hottie" Harmony answers.

"I like Calum, he so sweet"

"I always feel for Michael I mean he's harmless and he's just as good looking as the others but no one I know ever thinks he's hot"

"Agreed" both Harmony and Becky answer at the same time, causing all three of us to giggle.

"I think we've found the cafeteria, want to eat?" Becky asks.

"Sure why not"



I'm going to stop this chapter here before I keep dragging on making you tired of reading, but I will continue on next chapter.

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