Surfer Girl and Drummer Boy

"Lets play a game," I say and Calum stops playing gutiar and listens. Luke and Michael walk up from the basement. "Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk twenty-four seven. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Lets go on dates. Lets hang out with each other's friends," I tell him. "Lets give each other nicknames. Lets talk all night long. Lets hold each other and kiss and hug," I pause,looking at the other guys's faces and turn back to Ashton. "And the first one to fall in love?" I laugh for a second,then grin. "Loses."



8. 8

I wake up and find Ashton lying beside me,just like he's been the past week. I get up,quietly,and go into the living room. Michael,Calum,and Luke are all surrounding a computer screen,mouths dropped open,and I tilt my head at them. "What's up?" I ask. No answer,of course. I'm soooo loved and important here. Ashton lumbers out and puts his arm on my shoulder. "What's up with them?" He asks. "I got no answer." I tell him. "Ashton!"Calum says,and gestures for him to join them at the screen. So,he does. He scans the screen and grins. "We're going on tour!" Michael yells. "Tour?" I mumble,but they don't hear me over their celebration. Ashton wraps his arms around me and all I can to is fake a smile and a 'I'm so happy for you' voice. "A tour! That's fantastic!" I say and he pulls away,smiling. 

"He's going on tour,Angie! A tour!' I groan. She rolls her eyes,smiling. "You only like him a bit. You should be fine." She tells me. I nod. "Yeah,you're right." I tell her. "I'm always right." She reminds me and we laugh. I wave to her as I walk up the driveway of Ashton's house and open the door. Nobody is home,besides me,so I close the door and head down to the basement. I look at the instruments not in use. "He's going on tour," I say,my voice cracking as tears fill my eyes and I nod. "Another person is leaving me." I sob and sit down in front of the guys's instruments. 

I stare at the floor as the guys move around and do stuff,leaving me to sit on the couch,spacing out. I'm going to be alright. I don't like him that much. Angie was right,I'm gonna be fine. But what,stop. I'll be alright. I'll be alright. I......I won't be alright. But maybe? I stand up suddenly,causing me to go dizzy,and I end up plopping back down. I wait a few seconds,then stand back up again,slowly,and I rush around,looking for something. "Where is it?" I ask myself. "What?" Calum asks. "My board," I reply. He shrugs and walks away. I throw my hands up and let them fall down. "Thanks for the help,Calum!" I say,sarcastically. I search more until Ashton asks me what's wrong. "I would like my board," I tell him. He smiles and walks away and when he comes back,he hands me the surfboard. "Thanks." I say and set it against the bedroom door as I search for my wetsuit. I close the door,taking the surfboard to the bed,and change. I walk out and go to the beach,walking,because I probably can't take a surfboard on a bus. I arrive at the beach and walk down to the water. I shouldn't even worry about the tour,I need to focus on surfing and where I'm going to live. I stand there,watching the waves and a guy stands beside me. I know him,Jace Mutual. He and I graduated together. He was always better at surfing,and basically everything,than me. "It's a great d-" "I need you to teach me." I interrupt him,we face each other and I set my board down. "Teach you?" He asks and I nod. He runs a hand through his brown hair and his hazel eyes squint as he wrinkles his nose,tilting his head. "You sure?" I nod again. "Yes,Jace,I am. I need to get back in the game if I wanna win the competitions this year." I reply and he smiles. "I thought you'd never come back after last summer." He tells me.


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