Surfer Girl and Drummer Boy

"Lets play a game," I say and Calum stops playing gutiar and listens. Luke and Michael walk up from the basement. "Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk twenty-four seven. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Lets go on dates. Lets hang out with each other's friends," I tell him. "Lets give each other nicknames. Lets talk all night long. Lets hold each other and kiss and hug," I pause,looking at the other guys's faces and turn back to Ashton. "And the first one to fall in love?" I laugh for a second,then grin. "Loses."



14. 14

My phone rings. I pick it up and see Ashton's name and picture flash on the screen. I go outside to Sydney's apartment's balcony. I answer my phone. "Hey." I say,casually. "I'm sorry. It's weird without you here. I know I forgot you and,again,I'm sorry. Please,come back." Ashton tells me. "Sydney is pretty mad at you." I remind him,looking out onto the highway a few yards away. "I know," Silence comes between us. "You look beautiful." He tells me. "How would you know?" He laughs. "I just do." "I swear,Irwin,you're trying to get me to lose this game,aren't you?" I laugh. "Maybe." We laugh some more. "Look,I'll ask her. I'll call you back in a few." I tell him and he says goodbye before hanging up. I go back inside and find Sydney on the couch,watching Gilmore Girls (A/n: I looovee that show) and she looks up at me. "Who was that?" She asks,pausing Netflix. "Just what I was gonna talk about. Ashton-" I begin but Sydney groans at his name. "What kind of guy forgets the girl who's been living at his place for like two weeks?" "He apologized. Please?" I ask and she thinks about something for a little while. "Who was that guy standing behind him at the door?" She asks,plain as day. I make a weird face,jerking my head back a tad bit. "My friend Luke Hemmings," I answer. "I don't understand why he matters in this conversa-" "Promise to hook me up with him,then we have a deal." My mouth drops open at her words and she smiles. I look around the room,then back at her. "Fine.

  Fine. As long as I see Ashton again. Damn,his face when we left earlier almost killed me. I swear." I say and Sydney shoos me off. "Lemme finish this episode." I go back out onto the balcony and close the door. I call Ashton. 

I get out of Sydney's car and as soon as me feet hit pavement,I basically sprint to Ashton. He hugs me. "I'm sorry." He whispers. "I'm sorry for overreacting." I reply and we hug for a tiny bit longer. We get my stuff and Sydney leaves. "How'd she let you leave?" Ashton asks,opening the front door for me. I laugh. "She wants me to hook her up with Luke." We laugh as we put my stuff in his bedroom and Calum walks out of his room. "Hey,you're back." He comments. Luke's face appears with Michael at the end of the hallway. "Emily!" Michael says and Luke laughs. "Luke,you have to date that girl I was with earlier if you guys want me to stay." I tell them and we all start laughing,except for Luke. "Nah. You can go." Luke says after a few seconds of silence and we all laugh this time.

My eyes open and I stare at the dark ceiling. I hear Ashton's steady breaths. 'What am I gonna do when he leaves?' I think. 'Where will I go?' I look over at him and smile. I move closer to him and try to fall asleep. 

We laugh as we dance together to the 'Hamilton' (a/n: I'm sorry I love it too much) song, "The Room Where It Happens." I sing along and so does Lucy and Sydney. The song ends and I turn off my phone and we laugh. "Hey,what'd Luke say the other day?" Sydney asks. I smile. "He sa-wait. Why don't you ask him now?" I say and Lucy nods. "Or maybe when the others come?" Lucy suggests. "Yeah!" I agree and Sydney's face reddens. "Noooooo." I nod. The doorbell rings and a door opens. I walk to the front door,looking down the hall in the progress,and see Michael look at his phone at his doorway. I open the front door. "Hey!" I say to Gabby,Angie,Av,and T and invite them in. As I walk past the hallway,Michael looks up and immediately turns back into his room and closes the door. The lock clicks and I smile. I face the girls. "Sydney is gonna ask Luke out. Once he comes out anyway." I say and go down to Luke's door. I knock on it three times. He opens up the door and I grab his wrist. "Sydney has to tell you somethin'!" Angie tells Luke. Luke looks at me with a pleading look. I smile a bit and shrug. 



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