Surfer Girl and Drummer Boy

"Lets play a game," I say and Calum stops playing gutiar and listens. Luke and Michael walk up from the basement. "Lets sweet talk. Lets play fight. Lets talk twenty-four seven. Lets tell each other good morning and good night every day. Lets take walks together. Lets go on dates. Lets hang out with each other's friends," I tell him. "Lets give each other nicknames. Lets talk all night long. Lets hold each other and kiss and hug," I pause,looking at the other guys's faces and turn back to Ashton. "And the first one to fall in love?" I laugh for a second,then grin. "Loses."



12. 12

"Where were you?" Luke asks Ashton when he walks in,with plastic bags in his hands. "A store." Ash replies,chewing gum or something. "What store?" Michael asks. "Target." Ashton gives us a 'I'm not sure what you're doing' look and goes to his room. I hear the door close. "So? Wanna play a board game?" Calum asks. "Nah,I wanna play FIFA." Luke says and I watch them play FIFA. 

I walk out of the bathroom and sit on the couch. "Why is your hair wet?"  Michael asks. "I just took a shower," I inform him. He rolls his eyes. "Do you know what Ashton was doing in his room earlier?" I ask and he shakes his head. "No,he wouldn't tell us." I nod. "I'll ask him later-" I say and my phone beeps on the end table beside me. I pick it up and find Ashton texted me. 

A: I'll be there in a sec,bring your wetsuit and board

Me: ok?

I stand outside,the breeze of the night hits me,making my half dry hair fly in the wind. I hold my board steady as I wait for Ashton. I sigh and watch the road front the stoop.

After awhile,I'm awakened by a hand shaking my shoulder. "Hey," I look up to find Calum smiling at me. "It's been an hour,he's not coming." He tells me,sitting down beside me. I notice my board is leaning against the side of the house. The full moon shines down on us and the yard. "He told me he was?" I meant to say it as a statement but I sounded like a question. He shrugs and looks off. "Luke and Michael thought he came and picked you up,but I never heard the car. So,I came to check on you. Turns out he never came." He sighs. "He....forgot about me," I say,plainly. "He forgot about me." Calum shakes his head. "No,he didn't." I face him. "Yes,he did,Calum. He fucking forgot me." He searches my face. "You're gonna kick is ass,aren't you?" He asks and I nod. "Yes," I stand up. "I am." 

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