Hello, I see you have stumbled upon my story. This story has a lot of sad subjects and gun violence. People with sensitive hearts or have been involved in gun violence may not want to read this short story. That being said, I have poured my heart and soul into this story so I hope you like it. Enjoy.


1. Hello

Hello and I hope you are having a wonderful day, wherever you may be. 

I originally wrote this story for my English class. The prompt was "Gun Violence Awareness week," which was last week. I felt as is this story was important to write because it highlights the importance of understanding people and their struggles. I have never personally been a victim or have been a part of a school shooting, and I hope with all of my heart that you or anyone you know has either. School shootings are a horrible and heart breaking act, one that ruin people's lives. 

My target audience is...well I'm not sure. To say that I hope a student thinking about committing a shooting will read my story and decide against it is wrong and selfish. To say that I hope that a child that was a victim of a school shooting will read this and feel better about their life is even more selfish. I think that I hope that anyone can read Maya and maybe get something from it. 

Please, if you read Maya, leave a comment expressing your thoughts about it. Good or bad, I would really appreciate your feedback as is drives my will and love to write. Please tell me about grammatical errors, things you liked about the story, inaccuracies you may see, parts you disliked, or even parts of the story you may have connected to. I really enjoy hearing people's opinions or connections to the stories I write. I may write to tell my stories, but yours mean just as much to me.

Lastly, as much as people hate read this, please do not copy my story or pass it off as your own. It took me a while to write this and it means a lot to me, I promise you that your own story will mean a lot more to you than mine will. 


Thank you,


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