Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


10. Slow Burn


"Oh it’s you, the housekeeper.”


“You’re looking for Jack?”


“Uhh, yeah,” she rolled her eyes.


“He said I can come in, I just need to get something.”


She pushed past me, and went straight towards the door.


“Make it quick, I’m about to go to the store.”


I was watching her, but not really.


Kate clicked her heels on the floor, and made way towards his door.


I went in front of her. I know, it’s stupid right?


“What do you want to get? I can get it for you.”


“No thanks. Excuse me, some privacy.”


“She went into Jack's room, and came out in one second.”


“Told you,” she rolled her eyes again.


I heard the door slam, and I crashed down on the couch.


The rest of the day just consumed of me cleaning and doing whatever.


I had forgotten to go to the store, so I practically ran...into people.


I was walking around the store until I saw something from an ad on tv.


This was worthy of an unfunny joke, so I grabbed my phone and took a picture.


It was not after a second later, I realized that me and Hayden weren't friends anymore.

“That commercial is awfully interesting,”


“And cringey at the same time.”


I looked behind me.


I laughed, “Yeah it’s a classic.”


There was a weird aura around him, but I couldn’t figure it out. He reminded me of someone, but I didn’t know who. He had blonde hair, and the smile of an eight year old. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were blue or grey. There was nothing special about him. His style was decent. Maybe a little on the preppy side.


“It’s almost as funny as the Famers Only.com website.”


“You know about that,” he looked surprised, but chuckled after.


“Hey, at least they’re getting paid.”


“I know right, try looking for a different job twice.”


I looked at him and smiled, “Tell me about it.”


“Hey, this is so fucking cliche, but I could have sworn I’ve seen you before.”


“It is so fucking cliche, but is it more so if I ask you on a date?”


“-I know it’s kind of quick, but you're pretty entertaining. I need that, these past few days have been rough.”


“I would be ecstatic to go on a date, I haven’t been out of the house in a while and I’m going insane.”


“Hey, can you wait for me? I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”


I walked back, and tried not to run into anything.


As quick as I could, I ran into the bathroom and wrote down my number.


Most of you are probably wondering:


Wtf Angel this is your chance. Get out there. Get in the game.


It’ll all make sense later.


Once I came out, he bowed.


Normally I would hate it, but it’s not a normal week is it?


“Is that the new Maze Runner?”


“I’m sorry, I love Sci-fi.”


I picked up the bag in his hands, and slipped the piece of paper in there.


“I think Sci-fi’s pretty dope. My dream would to be in a movie with Chris Pine,” he chuckled.


“And now that I said that, I realize that it sounds pretty lame.”


“No, I would totally play a role in Star Trek. I would be Spock's long lost sister, which would never happen because all of his family are dead…” I trailed off.


He chuckled, “I’m Drew.”


“Angel,” I smiled.


“We should exchange numbers.”


“Oh that’s no fun,” I laughed.


Drew raised his eyebrows.

“Let’s leave it to fate to decide.”

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