Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


12. Repeating Days



Everything was the same ever since. The days were passing and  I couldn’t even tell if it had been over a few weeks.


Drew had texted me a couple of days ago and we were planning to go on a few dates; but stuff kept on coming up.


It was not until today he called me.


“Fuck em…If you get this message then I was wondering if we could go out on Friday. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I can’t get you off my mind. Not to mention work is so excruciating. I just think that you're really funny and cute, so would you mind me picking you up this evening?”


He was so awkward, but it was cute.


I called him back and we talked for a while. I actually felt comfortable texting someone for the first time.


I need to get out of the house too because the wicked bitch and Jack were around. I once caught them lying on the couch together. She would snicker and he would laugh so hard, that I think his face almost stopped working. I can’t even tell what he’s thinking most of the time and it’s all just a blur.


I started avoiding him, not on purpose. Ever since this thing started I just feel weird around him. There was one time I was so scared to come out of my room, I had to order a pizza because I was so hungry.


I often saw Kate sneak into Jack's room, doing who knows what.


Jack came into the kitchen, “What’s going on?”


I didn’t answer because I had to tell him about Drew.


“Nothing,” I said and went into my room.


It was not until 5:30, when I was ready to go. I told Jack that I was going out.


The car ride with Drew was just nonstop talking. I felt that every second I was laughing. Within seconds we were in front of a hotel.


I looked at him weirdly, “This your vision of a date?”


“-No no no you’ve got it all wrong, just come with me.”




I climbed outside of the car, and he opened the door for me.


When we got to the front desk the guy asked,


“Who are you and what room have you checked out?”


“Drew, and I actually had a special appointment.”


“Oh, you’re Drew Stocking Holme”


I looked at Drew, and he cringed.




I chuckled so hard, I started coughing.


He struggled to laugh and said, “Okay okay laugh it up.”


“It’s cute.”


The guy spoke up, “Follow me.”


He took us up a scary amount of stairs.


I turned to Drew, but he just kept following him.


It wasn’t until we reached the rooftop.


I caught up with Drew.


“I’ll be back with the order,” he said and slammed the door.


“Hey,” I shouted and tried to open the door.


I gave up and looked out at the sky. The sun was almost going down, and there were fairy lights everywhere.


“I wonder who actually took the time to do this.”


“Me too, honestly the whole scene is kind of cheesy.” He played along.


Drew was sitting at the edge of the building, and I almost had a heart attack.


“Come here.”


I know I’m crazy, but this boy’s crazy.


He had to help me situate myself.


I felt a little weird not having shoes on. Drew pulled me closer to him.


Once I looked up at him, I wish I’d brought my camera.


The sun was shining bright on his baby blue eyes. Drew was wearing a striped dress shirt and  jeans. His pure white keds were laying on the ground.


We had talked about our childhood, and thinks that we could remember clearly. Drew had also lived in the UK when he was little. We also talked about show we watched and teachers we had.


Drew had reminded me of someone clear in my mind...but I could never figure it out.


I opened up to Drew faster that I had with anyone.

When I took off my jacket, I was met with soft, pink lips.

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