Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


4. Promise?


The sky was pouring with rain as we were sitting on the couch.


“Have you even considered telling Hayden?”


Jeremy was silent, but then spoke up.


“No, I already know what the outcome.”


I looked across the room, “What if you did, and she would find someone who actually cares. You're holding Hayden back from the life she deserves.”


“She deserves to be with me. You think i didn't love her?  She's the only thing I think about,” he glared at me.


“It pains me just thinking about.”


Jeremy now had his head in his hands.


“Kaylee was just someone to talk to, someone else to confide in.”


In my I was thinking about confronting him about the photo. What if he deleted? What proof would I have of him cheating?


I decided not to say anything, even though I don’t know how it might affect the future.


I felt really bad about the situation though, so I comforted Jeremy.


“I can't promise you that everything will be okay, but you took a step in the right direction.”


“How did you end up with Kaylee anyway, she seems like a bitc-”


“A bitch, I know,  but once she opens up she's not that bad of a person.”


I patted him on the back.


“Well I'm going to text her to see what we're having for dinner.”


I tried to walk away, but he grabbed my arm.


“Wait, promise you won't tell.”


“IIII- I promise” I wanted to throw up after I said that.


Just then Hayden walked in, and I snatched my arm away.


“Whats going on here?  I feel a weird tension”


“Nothing, I'm just tired.”


I kicked Jeremy’s foot.


He shot up and went to kiss Hayden.


“Hey baby.”


I wanted to throw up even more. I looked away.


“So Angel, how’d it go with Jack?”


“It went pretty well actually,” I lied. Nothing was actually the way I planned, our conversations did not flow as easily as they used too.


Hayden had a Back To The  Future shirt on, which made me think of Alex for some reason.Which made me remember the last few words I said to him.


Hayden snapped me out of it and turned on the tv. The Bachelor (her favorite show) was on.


“Angel, can you help me out in the kitchen?”


“Of course” I replied.


The next few days were awful, and there were numerous amounts of sexual encounters. I was starting to rethink not taking Jack’s offer.

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