Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


3. Kaylee


Once I was at Hayden’s house, I saw Jeremy holding a woman’s hand.


It was not Hayden.


They were sitting at the kitchen table looking into each other's eyes. The woman had on a white longsleeve shirt, and a wavy black skirt with wedges. Jeremy had on his jeans and a grey shirt. He was also sweating from a previous workout.


He quickly pulled it away after I saw.




“Who’s that?” The woman asked.


“She's just one of my close friends. My roommate.”


“Angel, meet Kaylee”


I didn't want to meet the girl my best friend's boyfriend was cheating on. Matter of fact I wanted to crumble his life, and spoil the chance of him ever existing.


I was now witnessing something deadly, something I didn't think I would be for a while. No one spoke, and then Jeremey started to cough.


“I was interrupting something, I’m sorry.”


I started to walk away, but Kaylee was one of those people that was persistent.


“Wait a minute, I want to know if Jeremy ever talked about me.”


I slowly turned around.“Yeah, it's just that I don't remember. I hardly remember anything.”


I laughed to make it seem comforting. Jeremy had finally gotten the courage to say something useful.


“You know Angel probably has a lot of stuff to figure out. As you can see, she came from...a lot.”


“Yeah,” Kaylee nodded and looked at my clothes.


I was still in jack’s sweatpants and black shirt.


“Poor thing,” Kaylee said.


She was jealous of “me and Jeremy.”


I was going to kill Jeremy, but instead I just smiled.


“Actually, I just wasn't feeling the whole rubbish look. By the way, it's seven o'clock in the morning anyway. Shouldn't you be on your way?”


“-I’ll take Angel back to her room, she’s had a long day.”


“Angel, what are you doing?” he whispered.


“What do you think I’m doing?” I hissed. “Hayden would be fucked up if she found out.”


“That’s why she's not, I’m tired of being the heartbreaker.”


“This is the last time I’m going to see her. Matter of fact, the last time you're going to see her too.”


He excused himself, “Well talk about this after she leaves.”


I tried to pull him back, but he was already back in the kitchen.


I wanted to tell Hayden. I wanted to call her and yell ten times as loud. I wanted to tell her every single detail. I wanted to hurt Jeremy even though I barely knew him.


That made me think, what if I didn't know him. Everything would be happy as ever, Jeremy would never see Kaylee again. Hayden would never know, and they could live the lives Hayden dreamed about. Without me being nosy and poking in their business.


I didn't leave Jeremy because I wanted him to get away with it. I left Jeremy alone because even in an event that he would get caught, I was supposed to be the pawn that caused it.


I listened in to their conversation as I got ready to take a shower.


Jeremy had already apologized for my actions, and resumed where he left off.


“Please be mindful when I say this but-”


“I love someone else that's not you, and it haunts me every night. Everytime I look into her eyes, I see someone with more confidence than I do. She doesn't rely on anyone to help her, and she never allows anyone into her heart. With me she let her guard down, and that’s why I have to take matters into my own hands.”




“There is no buts,” He said sternly.


“We used to be attached to each other, but now I want you to let me go.”


“I don’t know if I can.”


“Well you have too!” he raised his voice.


“I can't keep living this way. I don't want you to be caught up in someone who doesn't share the same values.”


I could tell Kaylee was crying, and she had let go of his hand.


I was scared of Jeremy because of the tone in his voice, but he had talked about Hayden as if she was a goddess. Maybe he was really letting go. I still didn't trust him though, which made me dig deeper.


When they were still talking, I slipped into his room. His phone was on the coffee table, and it made me think to when I had opened Jack’s phone. What am I doing?


I heard some footsteps, and quickly looked on his phone.


There were a bunch of photos of him with Hayden. One photo was when she went to the club with Taylor? I thought that was her name. It was the day I didn’t go with her because I was with Jack.


He had known her for that long, and I didn’t even know.


While scrolling through, I found a picture of Kaylee semi-naked.


I ran back to the bathroom when I heard the door shut.


I thought about everything that happened, even before I left.

  Is this really happening?
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