Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


11. For So Long


I returned hom- I mean Jack’s place.


Once I opened the door I was greeted by an angry face.


I started to put the groceries away, and tried not to look at whoever was staring at me.


Jack walked in the room and I could feel the awkward tension.


Clearly Tracy and Jack were not on good terms.


I decided not to say anything until Jack spoke up.


“Angel, where the fuck is the taco bell?”


I chuckled, “I didn’t know you were hungry. I’ll order something.”


“Noooooooo. Where the fuck are the tacos?”


Jack started to put his arms around my waist. He rocked back and forth, and started to dance.


I heard a sigh, and saw Tracy roll her eyes.


I quickly moved towards the fridge, and put the juice in. Jack had let go and started to help me.


“Jack, do you want me to get it or not?”


“No, just leave it. You weren't supposed to forget it in the first place.”


“It’s not my fault I forgot it. I didn’t even plan on leaving her here.”


“You always say that.” Jack had opened up a drawer, and slammed it. He was looking down the whole time while talking to Tracy. I hadn’t seen him look up since, and there was a change of mood talking Tracy rather than me.


I had assumed Tracy had forgotten Annabellas medicine. Usually Annabella would be back tomorrow, but Tracy had “other things to do.”


Tracy had gotten up from her chair, and put her expensive coach bag around her arm.


“Jack, you know I still really appreciate you doing this. I love you and Annabella more than anything.”


“I know.” Jack looked up for a second.


Tracy had left, and I was finished putting the groceries away.


“Where’s Mrs. Barakat?”


“She’s in the room taking a nap.”


Jack was filling up a bottle of milk, and struggled to get the top on.




“Hey, I’ve got this.” I screwed the top on, and put it in the fridge.”


“Come here,” I took Jack’s arm and made him sit on the couch.


I got out one of my face masks out of my room.


“Angel, what the hell is that?”


“Chill chill, it’ll make you feel better.”


“It looks like the thing he put on in American Psycho.”


I laughed so hard I almost dropped it.


“Shh, come here.” I got closer to his face.


I smoothed it out, and I started to massage his face.


“Ahh, this feels weird,” he chuckled.


“I know.”


When I massaged his shoulders, something weird happened.


Jack sort of moaned, but then shivered.


“It hurts.”


-Which really meant that it tickled.


“Angel stoppp-” he tried not to laugh.


Jack reached for my foot.


“Jack no-”


He already started to tickle me, and I almost kicked him.


We were interrupted by the sound of Annabella crying.

“I’ve got this.”

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