Stuck in the stars

Kiara, the top pop star of her age is surprised to meet Zach, a guy with lots of baggage at one of her concerts trying to steal something. Instead of letting security take him away she talks to him, something seems familiar. Maybe it's the way his eyes reflect her thoughts or the way they look so similar they could be related but Kiara makes it her mission to find out.


1. Zach:Flashback

           Thump, Thump, Thump

         I could hear the steady pounding of my feet hitting the pavement again and again, resounding in my ears just loud enough for me to hear over my panting breaths, now coming in short little gasps. With each breath came the torture of the air being forced into my lungs that made me want to fall over and curl up in a little ball, but I couldn't, no I had to keep running. My legs were sore and stiff but I continued running, faster, harder than I ever thought possible. I could feel the throbbing pain of a cramp in my side but I pushed through it. I didn't dare look behind me, fearing what I would see. The pain of breathing was almost unbearable now and as I struggled to get more air in my lungs I could feel a lone tear trickle down my cheek and onto my chin. I wiped at it with my free hand only to find more tumbling down my face, damn it! I thought angrily. The throbbing of my muscles had moved to my head and my vision started to blur. I tried to keep running but I couldn't. I had started collapsing and before I knew it I was on the ground, curled around my last memory of her. As my consciousness slipped away I muttered what may have been my very last words. "I'm sorry I couldn't do it..."

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