Let Me Love You

She let out disgusted noise and rolled her eyes at me, “You probably don't even understand what the concept of loving someone even is, Justin. You keep me locked here in your house and don't let me leave. You don't take me anywhere. You barely communicate with me and you expect me to like you?” I watched her sit up in bed and swing her legs over the side as she looked into my eyes, “You're fucking beautiful, Justin Bieber, but you're fucked in the head. This?” She motioned around the room, “This isn't the way to get me to love you, or even like you for that matter. I've slept next to you every single night for the last how many days and we both lay awake, holding our breaths because you aren't even trying.”

I had to interrupt her, “I didn't want you to feel like I was forcing myself on you.” The frown didn't leave my face as she continued speaking, to say I was confused by her what she said would be an understatement. She wanted me to try?


10. 07-20 - She's gone

~Justin's Point Of View~


I walked back into the house, expecting Krystal to be there. When I didn't see her seated on the couch, I made my way to the bedroom and checked there, as well. There was a sign of a struggle and as I checked the rest of the house, my worst fears were confirmed. She'd been taken. Immediately, I started to panic and frantically looked around for any sign as to who would've taken her. I'd only left a couple hours ago. I thought she'd be safe here. I started to hyperventilate as Good and Butler made their way into the house behind me.

“What's wrong, JB?” Good was immediately at my side, a look of concern and fear spread across his face.

“S-Someone took her,” I was still hyperventilating when I tried to speak and I was starting to see stars. The more I hyperventilated, the dizzier I got.

“You gotta calm down, JB,” Good lead me to a chair, “We won't be able to find her if you're freaking out.” I shut my eyes and swallowed hard, trying to slow my breathing and my heart rate. Good was right. If I didn't get it together, I wouldn't be able to get her back. I had to calm down and stay that way until I found her and made sure she was safe and in my arms again.

“Who took her?” I asked, as soon as I could catch my breath.

“Here,” Butler handed me a note that he'd found taped to the fridge and I grabbed it quickly, reading it as fast as my eyes would move.


You took a lot from us and we want it all back. All the money and the drugs.

Until then, she's paying for your mistake. She's paying for the fact that you killed so many of our men.

You should've known we'd come for your most prized possession. I thought you were smarter than that.


You know who.”

I crumpled the note in my hand and had to take another few deep breaths as anger began to overtake every single one of my senses. The note was right. I did know who and I am smarter than that. I just didn't know they knew she existed, but once I get her back, this will never happen again. I swear to god, if they hurt her...I couldn't bear to finish the thought as I grabbed my cell phone out of my pocket and scrolled ot the right number. It only rang 3 times before he answered.

“Where the hell is she?” I was gritting my teeth as I spoke to Dre, the leader of the gang on the south side.

“We've got her,” Dre laughed, causing my anger to boil a little more, “And don't worry, we take great care of our guests.”

“I swear to GOD of you hurt her, Dre, it will be the last thing you ever do,” I threatened.

“I don't think you're in a position to be making threats, Bieber. We've got your girl and can pretty much do whatever we want to her,” He let out a disgusting laugh that turned my stomach, “If we haven't already.”

“Look, I'll get you your shit back, j-just don't hurt her. Don't touch her. I'll meet you. We can make the trade, where is she?” I had so many thoughts running through my mind of what they'd already done to her. There wasn't a word in the English language to describe how scared I was for my baby. I would give anything at this point to just have her safe in my arms. At that point, I heard her scream in the background. The pain quite obvious in her shriek and I felt the contents in my stomach start to rise into my throat. They were hurting her and I had no idea where she was or how to get her back.

“I want it all back. Every single cent of that $20,000 and I expect the 25 bricks you took as well. When you get me that, I will give you back your girl. She's already been tortured enough to compensate for the men of mine that you took,” I felt the tears start to sting my eyes, “I'll meet you tonight at Midnight. Meet me at the warehouse directly in the middle of town. Come alone or you won't get her back.” The line went dead and I quickly ran to the sink, emptying all the contents of my stomach.


~Krystal's Point Of View~

The pain is almost unbearable. My arm is most definitely broken and my shoulder dislocated. They had me tied to a chair, so that wasn't helping the pain at all. I could feel the ropes tight around my wrist and I knew bruises had already started to form. I could only see out of my right eye, because my left was so swollen from the punching that they'd done the minute they kidnapped me. I'm fairly sure I have a few cuts on my face and my jaw hurts. My ribs feel broken and every time I take a breath, I nearly scream out in pain. Luckily, they hadn't done much to my legs while they were kicking me as I lay on the ground. I felt them kick my stomach repeatedly, as well as my back. They slammed my head against the concrete floor before they started their assault on my face, but at that point, I finally blacked out; not being able to take the pain. When I awoke, I was tied to this hard, wooden chair and I have pain in places I didn't even know existed. I'm not sure what they're trying to gain from this, but I found myself constantly praying that Justin would find me sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how much blood I lost or if I have a concussion, but the room started to spin every time I opened my eyes. I did my best to keep my head down and my eyes closed, hoping that if they thought I was still knocked out, I wouldn't receive anymore assault to my body. All I want to know is why. I know that I mean a lot to Justin, but what are they gaining by beating me and holding me hostage? I hoped upon hope that Justin would be looking for me. I hoped he loved me enough to fight to find me. I heard a conversation as one of the men who'd taken me was on the phone. He'd said Justin's name, so I knew that he was making a deal to return me to Justin. All I wanted in this moment, was to be safe inside his arms. I wanted the pain to stop and I wanted him to fix all of this. I found myself praying that this man would keep his end of the deal and actually return me to Justin. It was dark in here, so I had no concept of time, but I hoped and prayed that midnight would come soon and that I could be back in Justin's arms. I'm never letting him leave me again. The worst part of all of this, even more so than the pain, is that they all took turns raping me and touching me. I can't help but feel dirty and unworthy now. Once Justin knows, I hope he doesn't turn his back on me.

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