The Girl

Entered for the Heartbreak competition.


1. Seven Hearts Across The Sea

She was happy

The girl looked across the table at her best friend. Her dark brown hair fell past her shoulders and her hazel eyes were smiling with her. Her rosy cheeks, dotted with freckles seemed to glow with light from the heavens. She was laughing. The girl was smiling through her pain. The pain of the person you love not loving you back. It tore her in two. Her heart felt a stab of pain every time she saw her with her boyfriend. Every time she kissed him and every time she said his name. The adoration in her voice. How he would put his arms around her and how they would be lost in each other.

She was lost

But alas, the girl was lost in her best friend. Lost in every second they spent together. Lost in every glance they shared. She was lost in her eyes and the way she smiled, and the way she said her name. The way that they slow danced at Prom, how everybody was laughing at them. How her best friend had stood up for her for all those years. The girl was lost in her best friend, but her best friend was lost in him. 

He was the one that destroyed her

He was the reason she suffered. He was the one who laughed in her face when she told him that she loved her. He was the one who spit at her feelings, the one who tore her apart from the one she loved. He was the face she saw in her nightmares, always taunting her, kissing her best friend, kissing the woman she loved. The only thing worse was that there was nothing the girl could do. She could tell her best friend but she'd walk away. The girl glanced over at her best friend and decided it was time to take her leave. Her boyfriend had appeared. The girl said her goodbyes and walked back to her house.

She was hurt

She slammed the door on her way in. Her hand was trembling, shaking. Tears streaked down her cheeks, her mascara ran. Her trembling hand turned into a fist and her fist went through the mirror. All she could feel was the jabbing paint at her heart. Again and again and again.

Why couldn't she be happy?

This thought had crossed the girls' mind thousands of times. It had darted across her brain, it had been the source of late night thoughts. Of her staying up until 2 am. It was a question that haunted her every waking moment. Every second that she lived, this is what she wanted to know.

She was done

The girl stood over the broken glass, thoughts of her heart shattering in her mind. The girls tears became quicker and she fell to the ground, barely noticing the pain it brought her. She lay there, hurting, wanting to give up. She wanted to give up. She could do so in a moment. She looked back down at the broken glass and she called 9-1-1. The pain in her legs started to come to her. She heard the ambulance coming, she heard the sirens.

She was there

The girl awoke. She could hear her heart thudding inside of her chest. Her vision was blurry but her best friend was sitting in the chair in the corner of the room.

"I-I love you." The girl murmured under her breath, her best friend heard her.

"What?" Her best friend asked.

"Well y-you're my best friend." The girl replied, letting herself sink into silence once more.

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