Feral Demon! AU

An idea i have been playing with - also on Ao3

Update shedule

Ao3 - mondays

Movella - sundays



2. Episode 2 - Returning

Kazuhira had been busy sorting recruits while Snake had been off to a mission to extract information or so, he didn’t know.


There were a lot of missions for him to take care of.


He had had a feeling of someone approaching but still got mildly surprised as the door did fly open


,,Kaz. This is important.’’ Ocelot.


Kazuhira rose from his chair with a sigh, raising his head to at least ‘look’ at the man standing in the door, fumbling for his crutch and finding it quickly


,,what is it Ocelot.’’


,,something’s wrong with snake.’’ Miller started walking, uncertainty starting to flame up


,,what is that supposed to mean?’’ he growled and stood still in front of the other man who let out a deep breath


,,I don’t know Miller. Just come with me. He’ll arrive shortly.’’ Kazuhira shoved past the man who then also closed the door behind them


,,at the helipad on ground level or what.’’ he grumbled and Ocelot confirmed it.


,,what do you think it is?’’


,,Ocelot. How am i supposed to know?! ’’ the anger of him didn’t stop Ocelot from pulling him back so he wouldn’t shove aside any of the staff. He turned to look at him and bared his teeth, his eyes narrowed behind his shades, wrenching away from Ocelots hand


The helicopter finally arrived and neither of the waiting men, bad visioned and not could miss the fact that Snake seriously fell out of the ‘copter- in a sense it was comical, Ocelot had to admit that to himself. It would have been if it weren’t for the fact that something must have been wrong with him - as for Kaz, he saw his silhouette dropping out and the audible noise of a person hitting the ground with a groan.


When Ocelot realized he had started heaving he did hurry towards him


,,Boss. Boss!’’ the other man leaned against his crutch listening in after a few moments both men gave the urgent order


,,someone get a medic! now! ’’

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