I had to get this out. If you want to add advice, I don't care. Thanks for reading, Willow.


2. Some more...

That person said that they won’t be talking to you for 2 weeks. It feels like a month and it’s only been half a day… You ask “God why does life not appreciate me?” . You took a quiz for school just now and it asked if you had a best friend. You tried so hard not to cry because that person was sitting right next to you and at one point, you were friends. Best friends… Now you don’t know. So you mark it at yes and leave the question be because you can’t bare to look at any longer. You end the test and look over. That person is writing something on the whiteboard table. You look over and that person glares. You stare at your feet. You turn away and start to sign out to go to the bathroom. You need to go cry. You come back and sit down. That person looks at you in the eyes and stares into your soul. You feel like they are reading your mind. Then their friend comes in, the one that caused most of this. You think they took that person from you. And then you see that person writing something on the table to her. Just like that person used to do with you. And you’re pretty sure that person does everything with their new friend. Then your other friend asks you something and you stop for a second, put on a smile and tell them what they want to know. Then you go back to writing. Then you talk to that person just like they are your friend again. And they respond. And then they stop and address your other friend.

You hang out with the other friend until you see that person give their friend their locker combination. That person never gave you their locker combination. You duck your head and wait for the bell to ring. You walk out of class and up to French. You won’t see that person the rest of the day.




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