Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


14. The Interview at the Olympics

Past story:

Your boyfriend was basically the worlds best goal keeper in handball. Actually, he was as the matter of fact the worlds best goalkeeper. In the country you come from, Denmark, Handball was the national sport, so being the lead goalkeeper on the nationalteam was a huge press to be under. 

Your boyfriend, which you had only been dating for about a year, was only 18 as were you. He had been on the national team for as long as he had known you. It was 2017 and there was The Olympics coming up. The coach had seen how much more relaxed he was at the big games, when you were there. Not like he had to see, talk or touch you all the time. The coach said he thought it was just psychological.  He just felt more safe when you were near him, and therefore the coach had invited you to take with them to the Olympics, together with some of the other guys girlfriends. You were absolutely thrilled for the opportunity. You had always been a big fan of everything involving sport, so being at the Olympics was a dream come true!!!

One thing more... You guys were called "the old love birds". Everyone around said that even though you had been together for almost a year  you were like newly in love... 


Actual Story

Now you were standing backstage at a interview, watching your boyfriend and three others from the team. They were doing so great and you literally couldn't do anything but smile the whole time!

Looked a little like this....

At some point one of his teammates were answering a question, so Niklas (boyfriend) had time to catch your eye for just a split second. Even though it felt like it almost didn't happen at all, the interviewer saw it, and took it as a opportunity, which didn't exactly surprised you. 

"So Niklas, who's is that one hell of a lucky eye you're  flirting with?"

"Oh.." But he didn't get any further with whatever he was gonna say...

"uh uh uh, that's is Emma, the only person in the whole world Niklas is actually caring about"

"That's not true!" he shot back

"No, i'm sorry. Just seems like there has grown magnets in both of your lips the past year"

"Oh stop it". But he couldn't stop the redness and the huge smile growing on his face...

The interviewer quickly took the chance and after a short break, the show was back and so were you... Lucky for you, you weren't the only girl on the sofa, one of the other teammates had his girlfriend to, they were just not like all.....

You cuddled up on the sofa, feeling that calming feeling fall over you, that you were always were sure to come,  every time you were near him. 

The positions were a little like this. But only the positions!

There was a few questions asked and answered, and you were actually thinking the interviewer was very kind about your privacy! But it was as always to good to be true... 

"So Emma what is the funniest thing that has happened on this whole Olympics trip?"  Everyone on the sofa just cracked up laughing. Later that week something quite funny had happened and therefore the boys on the team had started the intern joke on Twitter, which no one understood, in spit of you, of course!!!!! You even got a hashtag: #Whatdidtheydo

"Oh, that's not fair! Everyone knows that, we even had a hashtag" 

"Come on Emma, what did you do, as everyone on Twitter has been asking?"

"That's embaressing, i don' t wanna tell that!" You were completely red in the face as you cuddled you face in Niklas t-shirt, enjoying the feeling of his arms sneaking around your waist.  And there he were again:

"uh, uh uh! If they don't wanna embarrass themselves i will" 

"oh i hate you soooo much!" Niklas friendly glared at him...

"Do something, please!" You asked looking up at him.

"Do you think i could do anything?" He said while chuckling. "I'm new guy on the team! As much as i hate it, they have the right! I have absolutely nothing to say in this conversation... But if i could i would" And then again his lips where for at short moment on yours.

"Okay. What happened was that, after a game we usually have an off-day or two. In this case we only had one, which means Niklas only have one night to fuck Emma"


"Oh i'm sorry. We assume that it means Niklas only have one night to fuck her! What we do know is that there were some kissing involved, and a not to big amount of sleep. The next morning Emma and Niklas came running down the hallaway into over meeting-room, which is ours breakfast-area-thing. They were quite stressed cause they came like 20 minutes late and we only get 40 minutes to eat. So they just through food on some plates and got themselves something to drink. Emma got an orange-juice. Then you ask why the hell is that even important? But you know when you have small tiny wounds, (often comes in cause of to much kissing with a guy with beard) it can really hurt getting something like orangejuice to touch it...  "

"We all just cracked up laughing at the two tomatoes standing looking at each other"




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