Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


2. Love in the snow


Past history:




You had been skiing twice a year since you were 2 and half year old. But the last three years had been different. You were a quite adventurous person and you loved travelling. Especially to Trysail in Norway, your favourite place on earth. That's why you decided to become a ski guide. You had been in Trysail for almost 10 months now. Cause you first had to take the education, which took almost 4 months and then take an apprenticeship where you had to be there just to get to know the place. Now the ski-season was over in just 3 weeks, and you were quite sad😓

But the whole point is that there where this cute guy named Anders. You two had become really good friends in such a short and it only got better. You had passed the awkward episode a long time ago, so you two were together a lot of the time. But that had some consequences! Everyone thought that you were oh so freaking cute❤️ And you maybe were. You were flirting, hugging, or laughing every time you were together. You two were in everyone's (but your own) the cutest couple on earth. 

Every time you and your girls had a girls night it always ended on the same conversation. Did he kiss you? Do you love him? and so on. 

Inside you knew it was right, you fell so hard for him, that you might would call it real love😘 But it took you almost half a year to admit it! NOT for him of course but for your best friends. 

Know you were on job, having 10 kids each to take care of!


You were standing in the line waiting for the lift. As a ski guide you had to help all your "students" on lift before you could take it yourself. So you helped all your small cute kids on the lift😊

Just as you were about to take the lift you felt something hard on your back and two arms snake around waist, you jumped a little until you found out who it was. 


He came up behind you and you took the lift together😘 

It's quite hard to describe how it looked but here's a picture of a child and her mom. It was the same position you were in just with your ski crossed. Like his ski, your ski, his ski, your ski! It's really hard to explain, but i hope you get it.

First you were quite confused. He couldn't go before his kids, and he'll never do that. He really cared about his kids. But he just chuckled and flashed his amazing smile telling you that his kids were already up on the hill, he just had to get the small t-shirts we had to get all the kids on ( look at the picture down below)🌷 

A picture you took of your kids the last day in ski school

All the way he kissed you on the neck, making you laugh like crazy❤️ You two looked lovingly in the eyes and just talked about the day and stuff, when you heard some roars. 

Anders' kids where a little bit older, like maybe 11-12 years old.

You heard 10 kids laughing, whistling and screaming stuff like "I didn't think you could score girls on the lift" "When's the wedding" "Ill by the wedding gift" and so on😂 He just said "yeah yeah come on guys" he turned around blinked and smiled and then drove away with all his kids trying to catch him, with all their questions😘 

A couple months later you two were officially a couple💋

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