Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


7. I'm proud of you...

You were a really famous Youtuber (just like Zoella or Mylifeaseva), and therefore you had the most busy days you could ever imagine. And it did not exactly help that you were a person, who never let anyone down neither missed anything! Not a birthday or a shoot, not even just a small event. Cause these things were the things that made you as famous as you are today❤️

Today had just been a really caotic day. Heres what you had been up to:

1) 5.30 am Got up and put gym-cloths on

2) 6.00 am  Went to the gym

3) 7.00 am Breakfast at home 

4) 8.00 am Shoot in town

5)10.00 am Benefit fall event 

6) 1.00 pm Lunch with friend 

7) 2.30 pm Meeting with manager 

8) 4.00 pm Colab with (whoever you imagine)

9) 5.30 pm Metting with publicist 

10) 6.00 pm Signing of books 

11) 7.30 pm Dinner at you parents house with most of your family

And here starts the actual story! You were a little late, just like 15 minutes or so, when you arrived at your parents house! Your wonderful boyfriend had a late meeting so, he said he could make it to like 8.00 pm or so. But you were really overtired. You said sorry a million times, and were just really not truly there... Your mind was everywhere else, and a completely mess. Until.... 

You talked to your mom in the kitchen and didn't hear the doorbell. Your father opened and let your boyfriend in. He came in the door and you looked at him. A sudden relaxing and calming feeling wawed over you and you felt so loved and filled with energi again! 
He kept looking capticated at you "heyyy" he said. He came over to you and you answered almost whispering❤️ "heyyyy" he kissed you quick but still pasionate and loving.... 

You had been together for almost 8 years but you acted like you were newly in love!

You were totally yourself again and had a great night, before turning back home again😘               You and your boyfriend had flirted a little more than usual and you had an idea of what he wanted, which you only got confirmed as soon as you got inside the door! He slammed you against the door and burst his lips on yours... After a couple of minutes of passionate kissing he lifted you up and carried onto the bed. "Wait here" he said, while running out to the bathroom to brush his teeth and get a condom. When he came running back he stopped in the door frame, and just looked at you ... deep asleep😴 He just smiled, probably quite disappointed, changed to some night cloth and helped you get out of your dress. Then slipped under the duvets and cuddled you for the rest of the night. Just before he fell asleep he whispered "I'm proud of you"

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