Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


6. Festival and kisses

Past story: 

Your boyfriend is nothing less than Denmarks pop-king. The hot and charming Christopher. You two had been a couple for almost a year now. It was summer it was hot, which means touring on every festival possible. Christopher had to play at one of Denmarks biggest festivals this weekend, so he asked you and your family to come. It wasn't one of those big Coachella-ish festivals. This one is a really Danish festival out in the forrest. Your family of course said yes to come😍

He had to play at 4pm so in the morning you ate breakfast and said goodbye to Christopher. Even though you weren't "newly in love", saying goodbye still meant, kissing goodbye four hundred times at the door. You went back to your house and picked up your whole family (it was summer holiday so they were all home). By your whole family you meant your mom, stepdad, big brother, big sister and little sister. You all drove to the festival, where one of Christophers bodyguards stood ready with all your VIP-passes. He also had to protect you a bit  cause even though you two had only been an official couple for about a year, everyone knew about you. Christopher is really bad hiding his love, probably because he doesn't want to😂

You went into the VIP-area. You knew Christopher was very busy right now and you hadn't seen your family in a really long time so you decided to stay outside with your family. Lucas Graham a really good artist were on, and the sun was out. You stood laughing, when someone wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing the side of your neck. You laughed even more turning around kissing you absolutely gorgeous boyfriend. 

Lucas Graham finished by saying "Alright guys are you ready fore the last song? Good, cause then i will give the stage to my good friend if he can keep his his fingers away from his girlfriend, which right now seems to be quite impossible" He looked down at you to, and everyone did too. Christopher kissed you one more time whispering "i don't think i can either" You smiled😚"I'm glad you can't".

With that said you knew he was ready. He ran on stage doing what he loves the most, looking down at you once in a while. Once he was done he came down to you again. Now it was Brandon Beals turn to perform. 

"And he's back in her arms. His new  absolute favorite place" He said laughing "I've never seen someone being so in love as these two people are"😍 He took a sip of his water. "But let's not talk about lovebirds, let's get on with this show!!!" Whit that he started his show. 

The rest of the day you, your family, Christopher and his family just relaxed listening to music🎶

These pictures were taking during the day. If the paps could get into the VIP-area, they could get thousands of pictures like that. Cause you were like that all the time. Kissing and cuddling like crazy, and you were both teased about it. Of course just for fun, but you didn't care. After Christoper had played a football game with your brother he kissed you (of course), and you don't know how but the paps got a picture of that. And when the paps first get at picture they don't let it go to waste. The next day these pictures was all over the internet, even in your grandparents newspaper (they called you the next day). The headline simple said "Christopher still can't get his butt away from Y/N)

This picture wasn't taken from a pap, it was actually taken by your little sister Ida. It was when you had to go home. He would eat at his parents and you would eat with yours. So you had to say goodbye. Again, that means kissing like you shouldn't see each other for the next year or so.

In the afternoon your little sister put this on Instagram with the comment. "I've never believed that love was a disease, but after these two lovebirds got together i do. It seems like there has grown magnets in their lips😂"

Later that night your gentleman picked you up, and you drove home together💗

PS: i know the picture in the top wasn't the best😂


Written: August 19th

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