Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


3. Christopher - The way we met



Past Story:


You were a happy and adventurous person. Despite your enormous talent you were an extremely humble person. You dance, quite good. Actually you were so good that you had won the Denmark Championship the last 3 years. You had nine lessons a week and you enjoyed every minute. As if that wasn't enough you were really pretty as the matter of fact you where beautiful. Every guy in the whole school had at least a little crush on you. And your friends, which you had plenty of, adored you to the moon and back. You were happy and grateful about your life.


At the time you two met he wasn't famous at all. He was just a really happy and positive guy who, just like you, loved to laugh. He's dad got a job where you lived, therefore he had to move just like you. He's new house was two streets away, maybe like 300 yards away. 


You two where already quite good friends, he had only been in your class for two weeks, but that was enough for you two to see that you were quite a like. The two happy and extremely positive clowns who didn't care what anyone thought about you. Everyone already teased you by calling you lovebirds every time you two talked or even just stood together. In the class you were already a couple but for you two it first even started a whole year after. It all started with the bike rides.

One day you were on the way to the dance school when someone called you from behind. You slowed down when someone came up to your side "Hey you". You quickly recognised who it was. "Hey" you said with a big smile. "What are you doing here?" You asked. "On the way to guitar" "Oh right" "What about you?" "Dance" "Again!" "Yeah, nine times a week" You smirked "Wow" he said. And that was how it all started. In a couple of week, you found out he played guitar two times a week and played football once a week. Luckily the music school was on the same road so you two started going together two times a week, talking and laughing like crazy.

He always waited outside your house just 2 minutes before you actually had decided to meet. One day you were a bit late, so when you were taking your shoes on someone rang the bell. Your big sister opened the door. "Hello I'm Christopher is Emma home" "Yeah but she's going to dance and she's late so she doesn't have that much time" "I know" he said with a smirk on he's face. " I was waiting for her, I am going the same way" "oh in that case, EMMA" "coming, coming, coming" Astrid held door while whispering "You have to explain later". And since that afternoon you two were also a couple at home.

Every time you sat with your phone they were teasing you "Who's you writing with" "uuuuh Emma's writing with Christopher look at that smile!" And maybe there where something about it. Half a year after, you two had become really good friends. You could be around him, without being shy at all. Every time you hugged or he did something sweet everyone was shouting "kiss her for god's sake". But he never did, it had to be the right time.

Then one day you were walking in the snow in a really lonely park you two had found a summer night on one of your many bike rides. You were playing hide and seek, and maybe flirting a little:-). When you were walking home he took your hand, you were a bit surprised but in a good way. You looked him in the eyes and smiled. When you got to his house you where freezing. You two laid down on his mom and dad's bed with your feet glued to the radiator. He turned from his back to his side and looked at you. The it happened. He kissed you. He's lips touched yours very sweet and gentle. First kiss, best kiss, best guy. You laid there for about three hours playing and kissing. Nothing steamy at all. He was very calm and took it very slow, at that point. When you came home that night with a smile that really couldn't get bigger you had to tell and under a minute your two sisters, your brother, your stepdad and your mom was teasing you, while screaming "FINALLY".  After that day you two where officially a couple and stayed that until you died.


PS: Please check him out! He is a really talented young guy, who is really hot😂 I will put in some videos and a link to his official YouTube Channel❤️








YouTube Channel:


A/N: I wrote this when I got tickets to see him to his Closer Tour 2016. I started to hear his music more and more and I started to dream more and more, so I as usually I wrote it down💗

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