Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


1. 10 Things to know about me❤️

Before i start this "book" i want you to know a few things about me😜

If you just want to read the stories go ahead, you don't have to read this!!!
Just don't write ANY questions in the comments before you've read this🙏🏻

Lets get to it❤️

1) My name is Emma, i'm from Denmark🇩🇰 And i'm 14 years old😘

2) I personally HATE when authors note takes up a whole page!!! If there is any authors notes, it will be written in the bottom of the history😜

3) PLEASE, don't expect me too write like every day or once a week i will write when i want to! As much as i hope you enjoy these stories, i see this website as a random place to put all my cute wishes and stories for me to look back at whenever i want to😂

4) As i said in number 1, i'm from Denmark! That means that english is just a subjekt in school. It's my favorite subjekt but that doesn't mean that i can't make mistakes😱
So please write to me if i spelled something wrong, but don't judge me🙏🏻

5) All these stories have NOTHING to do with eachother. They are ALL one shots😂

6) Some stories might have the headline: #Lifegoals. That means that i just write random situations  i want to be in myself, or just how i wanted my life to be. These stories does NOT always include romantic scenes🌷

7)  I'm a BIG One Direction fan so expect a lot of stories that involves that👍🏻

8) I'm NOT responing to the negative comments so if you just want to ruin my day, don't write. It won't work. I will probably just be sitting somewhere laughing at you, thinking GET A LIFE😂

9) One thing i love so much in life is when someone gives med constructive and positive cristism. So feel free to do that❤️

10) I like to use emojies, but if it gets anoying please write to me💗

I really hope you will enjoy these stories as much as i enjoy to write them😊

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